Meet Kimberly

Come say hello in person at one of my events!

Because saying Hello brightens the day and creates heartfelt angel connections!

I do not know who you are—yet. You do not know me either—yet. Let’s meet and connect with a friendly HELLO.

I think smiles and a heartfelt, How are you, can brighten a day. You can’t help but smile when someone offers a friendly hello.  It’s the simplest way to elevate your spirit—connect heart to heart, face-to-face, smile-to-smile. Wouldn’t you agree?  Though part of my business is online, that doesn’t mean we can’t connect face to face and say hello. YouTube makes it easy for you to smile and laugh at fun loving cat videos. Skype let’s us connect to one another—from anywhere in the WORLD.  Seeing your face from where ever you are in the WORLD makes my heart open. Where are you from? Australia? London? New York? Or are you in my neighborhood in San Jose, California?

I’ve connected with people all over the world. Many have become part of my extended family and most I’ve known for years. It all started because of using the Internet for good and connecting to you with a heartfelt—Hello. It’s amazing that we can video chat! It inspires me. It’s nothing short of miraculous—an everyday miracle. Wouldn’t you agree?  Let’s say hello, exchange smiles and brighten one another’s day—come to an angel event or say hello on my facebook page.


Angel Readings

Are you ready to recognize and communicate with your angels?

Then let Kimberly Marooney be your guide as you:
Learn to use Angel Readings to get guidance from your angels
Connect with your angels through Angel Attunements resulting in experiences of profound healing
Work with your angels daily to remove blocks, gain clarity, and access creative flow
Discover more about how to live in your soul purpose through angel guidance

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Spiritual Counseling

Kimberly is available for angel readings and spiritual counseling by appoint at the Angel Blessings Center in Santa Cruz, and by Skype or phone. Or catch up with Kimberly to schedule your session at an event! Check out the Events calendar to see if Kimberly is coming to a location near you!

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Angel Blessings Radio

Kimberly on Angel Blessings Radio

Kimberly Marooney is on the radio every week! Get a Free Angel Reading, hear potent angel meditations and learn more about specific angels. Once in a while, we even have some really wonderful guests like Jean Slatter, Susan Shumsky and George Koury!

Click here to listen live on Mondays at 3 pm Pacific. Call in for your Angel Reading: 1-831-899-5782

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