Kimberly Marooney Bio

I’m known as “The Elevator to God” because I’ve elevated spirits of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide open to God’s love, heal and move forward on their life paths. As a spiritual psychologist, mystic, and teacher, I work with healers, mystics, coaches, conscious entrepreneurs, and people who feel a deep yearning for a personal connection with God and who feel called to greater service.

My internationally acclaimed first book Angel Blessings Cards, tells the story of how the angels came to me in a powerful visitation asking me to create a “bridge to spirit.” At the time I was near death with a serious illness. The angels guided me step-by-step on a spiritual odyssey of healing and awakening that provided the information for this book and card set. Fifteen years later, Angel Blessings is now a classic and dear to the hearts of many.

Since then, Spirit has guided me through many amazing experiences that resulted in the manifestation of my soul calling as a minister, radio personality, best-selling author, and speaker. I’m most proud of It took me ten years to grow into this amazing calling and to receive the powerful 7-month program. Enrollment is now open for our third year and the Class of 2011.

I’ve written a number of other books including Angel Love Cards and Your Guardian Angel, also potent works, guiding you to a deeper relationship with yourself and your angels. The Be-Attitudes Embrace of Grace is the story of an experience I had asking for Grace. Contained within the pages of this book is the energetic signature or resonance of the state of Grace that I received. By touching the pages and reading the messages, you can literally be transported into Grace.

Everyone is capable of experiencing mystical connections with God, Holy Spirit, angels, Divine Mother, or the form of Spirit that resonates most with your soul. Spirit comes to us in the form we are able to recognize. I’ve been given the gift of being able to guide others into profound experiences of grace and divine love.

God has been calling me into this Retreat for years! Join me as we venture into the great mystery together. Whether deepening into the intimate relationship you already have, or opening to new experiences of the infinite with your Eternal Beloved, this will surely be a landmark experience in your life.