Your Guardian Angel

Just because you can’t see your guardian angel
doesn’t mean it’s not there. —Anonymous

guardian angel kitYour guardian angel is always beside you—all day, every day, for all the days of your life.

guardian-angel-statueYour Guardian Angel In a Box: Heavenly Protection, Love, and Guidance by Kimberly Marooney is a beautifully detailed guardian angel kit. It provides everything you need to develop a closer relationship with your guardian angel. It comes with a guidebook,  angel statue and angel pin. It gives you everything you need to talk to develop a close connection to your angel.

Use the statue of the angel kneeling in prayer to talk to your guardian angel. Your guardian angel is there to protect you and guide you. Through sacred counsel with your guardian angel, your personal messenger from God, you will lead a more spiritually fulfilling and meaningful life.

guardian angel pin

Wear the impeccably detailed angel pin to keep your guardian angel close all day.

Best of all, The Seven Gifts of Your Guardian Angel is your personal 256-page guide for connecting with your guardian angel.

I love this book because it is the smallest book but every single page is filled with a depth of information and ideas. This book is a gift that keeps on giving. It has beautiful prayers in it, too. For anyone who is interested in Angels or loves Angels this is a very useful, practical, and trustworthy source. —Ms. Star Queen (This review is from Amazon)guardian-angel-gifts

Learn about the seven gifts your guardian angel is offering to you to enrich your life.

  • Experience the power of spiritual tools such as journaling, meditation, and prayer for gaining clarity and realizing truth.
  • Create sacred space in your home by building an altar or a place to commune with spirit.
  • Walk with your angel as if you were walking with a friend to explore questions and choices.
  • Design powerful action plans to accomplish goals.
  • Personalize a Daily Spiritual Program for yourself to talk to your guardian angel.

I just love this angel and book set. I’ve always ( well most always) believed we do have a guardian angel but only gave it attention in “crisis” or “curiosity”. At this point I have decided to be more mindful and grateful of the angels among us. It’s not a casual curiosity or sometimes belief for me anymore. The statue is a nice daily and nightly reminder to recognize or communicate with my angel and others. The book is giving me some good information to ponder and for connection. It seems this is the right set for me at this time, I’m really happy I got it. —Linda Boudreau

What a wonderful gift, there is a nice book, a pin and the Angel. It’s beautiful. I have given some out as gifts and people were thrilled. Makes you feel good when you give a gift that is not only beautiful but very touching. —Colleen P. Donahue

Click here to read an excerpt of  Your Guardian Angel In a Box: Heavenly Protection, Love, and Guidance or click here to purchase a copy of the book from amazon to learn more about how your guardian angel protects, guides and loves you. And learn how you can talk to your guardian angel.