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Participant Comments:

It was like having a question and answer session with my heart.
-- J. Lopez, California

This is what I was
looking for.
-- F. Heredia, California

--D. Connolly, California

I received answers to all
the questions I've had about the direction my
life is going.

--K. Johnson, Colorado

Way over the top synergyzing with Kimberly, Spirit and the group.
--C. Price, California

Expansive, awesome, loving.
--S. Estep, California

The group enhanced my learning and enjoyment.
-- Tim Epperson

Kimberly is warm and approachable. Her gentle caring spirit was beautifully comforting and encouraging.
--Kathy LaGuire

I realized that all my
truths are in my heart
for my asking.

--Kay Root

I was a bit skeptical and Kimberly showed me how to look within for answers. I intend to be more introspective. Kimberly is as warm and intuitive
as I had hoped.

--Irene Hammill

Practicing using the angel cards with regard to specific focus was very helpful. I loved the progression - as each meditation drew me closer and closer to the truth - my truth. I re-realized my lack of trust in the Lord has cost me and yet propelled me to becoming receptive to His love and to trust Him so I can experience a deeper more profound life.
-- Kelly Petty

I came to the Jewels of the Soul Workshop with no expections and left with the gift of God's love. It was Kimberly's love and compassion for life that made that possible. Her wisdom and angelic connection helped guide me on one of my life's journeys.
--Shannon Baldwin

The meditation progression is like instant growth!
--Jeanne Katz

This group was so incredible! All so loving, supportive and positive. Each person so unique and incredible. Thank you for bringing us all together.
--Sha Spady

Connecting with God and the angels was the most amazing, wonderful, indescribable feeling ever!
--Jackie Devereaux

Total Joy!


Workshops with Kimberly Marooney

Experience a Webinar from anywhere in the world
or attend a live event with Kimberly

New Home Study Course!
Guardian Angels

As I was editing the Guardian Angels course for the Angel Reader Certification students, it was so hot that I made it into a Home Study Course for you! I kept thinking, "This is the best course I've ever taught!" Now yYou can benefit from this spectacular lesson.

Listening to the guided meditations, I connected with my Guardian Angel like never before. Even after writing a book about Guardian Angels, I still didn't know the name of mine. I was caught up in an old belief that "I can't get angel names." That's even hard for me to believe, but True!

Not only did I get the name of my guardian angel, she revealed herself to me in full radiant splendor and glory, not to mention a brilliant explosion of color and energy in form and detail like I seldom see with my inner vision.

Join me! Register for this 4-part course on Guardian Angels.


Angel Reader Certification
April 8, 2013

Are you feeling called to take your Angel Reading practice to the next level?

check mark Is your soul yearning for a more intimate relationship with the angels and God?
Check mark Is a lack of self confidence keeping you from sharing your gifts?
Check Mark Do you need support jump-starting your Angel Reader business?
Check Mark Are you feeling called to Come Home?

If you answered yes to these questions, your angels guided you here.

Click here to learn more

The Professional Angel Reader Certification is for you if you are an active angel reader who has studied different reading methods and angel modalities and are ready to take your practice to the next level.

And, it's for new angel lovers who feel strongly guided in this direction.

This is the first course designed specifically to establish you in the upper echelon of the best trained and multi-dimensionally-connected Angel Readers.

This is also the first step in become an Ordained Angel Minister.


The Angel Ministry Program

Next Classes start April 8, 2013

New curriculum includes:

  • Angel Reader Certification
  • Angel Counselor Certification
  • Angel Minister Ordination

The Angel Ministry opens the door to the soul through the tender touch of divine love. The angels are here to care for us during all phases of human life, both the challenges and the celebrations. Angel Ministers are trained to invoke angels to act as guides into the Sacred Presence of the Most High for guidance, healing and love. Some of us call that presence God.

The Angel Ministry provides the training and tools for this personal journal of healing and unification, and then supports the Angel Minister in creating a unique Ministry of service based on soul purpose and individual talents. The Order of the Seraphim community provides ongoing support and resources as ministers call forth their sacred service into manifestation, expand, give and seek renewal.

This program is for angel readers, Angel Therapy Practitioners®, massage therapists and body workers, psychologists, counselors, New Thought and mystical arts practitioners, light workers, ministers and those with a desire to include angels in a ministry through hands on healing, readings, and scripture.

Course work is delivered through webinar classes by phone and internet, CD's books, personal coaching, support calls and a Retreat where your Seraphim Lineage will be activated as you are ordained.

As an ordained Angel Minister, you will be able to officiate at weddings and commitments, memorials, baptisms, naming and blessing ceremonies, and give communion. Angel Ministers are prepared to minister to people with a better understanding of how the angelic presence has been instrumental in guiding humanity's path since the beginning of time. Of greatest value, Angel Ministers have experienced union with the Divine and are equipped to guide others into divine love to receive personal healing and guidance.

Click here for more information

Miracles Retreat
Angels of Light Healing and Intuitive Center in Norwell, Connecticut
September 20 - 21, 2013

Join me live in Norwell, Connecticut. This is one of the few live events I lead that is open to the public. Please join us.

Reserve early, the room fills up!

You can also schedule a private angel reading with me Sunday April 22.

More info coming soon along with how you can reserve your seat.

Being of Service Through Global Outreach Activation Teleseminar with Lori Leyden and
Kimberly Marooney

Click to Listen

Lori LeydenJoin Lori Leyden, Ph.D. and Kimberly Marooney for a live Teleseminar on Being of Service Through Global Outreach. Imagine seven billion people with seven billion hearts all beating together with compassion and shared visions for peace, safety and abundance for all. If we just align ourselves through our shared passions, what possibilities might unfold? There are many ways of being in service to our world. Whether it means working on your own inner healing; giving of your time, talents, money; and/or traveling to distant places where your heart calls you to be - who we are and whatever we are called to do really does make a difference in healing ourselves and our world. 

Lori Leyden, Ph.D.  is the facilitator of The Grace Process, a spiritual practice for heart-centered living. She is the author of The Grace Process Guidebook and The Stress Management Handbook: Strategies for Health and Inner Peace. Lori has over 25 years experience in the fields of psychotherapy, business and spiritual growth.

Return to Oneness Activation Teleseminar
with Rev. Anita Pathik Law and Kimberly Marooney

Click to Listen

Anita Pathik LawMany people are misguided by what society, media, church, parents direct us to do for the Holidays. The original meaning of the season is lost. Its not about ornaments and presents. It's about coming together in unity with our deepest soul desires, our family amd friends, and with Spirit. Be in Union.

Join Rev. Anita Pathik Law and Kimberly for a live discussion on discovering your inner guidance.


Courageous Angels Activation Teleseminar
with Rev. Dr. Lorraine Cohen and
Kimberly Marooney

Click to Listen

Lorraine CohenRev. Dr. Lorraine Cohen and Kimberly share tools for moving out of fear and into trust and connection. The holidays represent a time when our hearts open wider: a time for self-reflection about the people and things that we love and cherish that makes our life meaningful and rich. This period also invites change; to show up and answer the calling of our spirit which can bring about fears, pain, and great emotional stress. This is also a period of great possibility to become conscious creators of “what’s next” when we step forward in faith, trust, and courage.

Reverend. Dr. Lorraine Cohen is a cutting edge expert in the field on conscious entrepreneurship, personal transformation, and spiritual awakening. Founder of Powerfull-Living, Lorraine is a spiritual life coach, broadcaster, published writer, and inspirational speaker who has impassioned thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, coaches, mentors, and authors to create a prosperous business, meaningfull career and fulfilling life that aligns with their spirit.  An expert in transforming fear and limiting beliefs that create barriers to success, she shows people how to get unstuck; to break through the confusion and roadblocks so they move forward in all areas of their life.

Resolution Rituals Activation Teleseminar
with Mama Donna Henes and Kimberly Marooney

Donna HenesRecorded
Click to Listen

Are you in conflict with family members or co-workers? Be in Forgiveness.Mama Donna Henes and Kimberly share a basket full of resolution options. Ask questions and get help with conflicts.



True Gifting Activation Teleseminar
with Cherie Beckman and Kimberly Marooney

Click to Listen

Cherie BeckmanTrue Gifting. Feeling an obligation to do what you don't want to do? Feeling obligated is a victim perspective. Learn to Be In Truth to move from being a victim to a benefactor. That is the meaning of True Giving.

Cherie Beckman and Kimberly talk live about choosing to gift the person with your presence, love, and support, or saying NO. Giving from obligation is missing the love factor. It's all about loving one another.


Reverence with Munishwarji Walking Tall and Kimberly Marooney

Click to Listen

Munishwarji Walking TallWhat do you do when you get stuff you don't want? Be grateful. Be in reverence. Focus on your love for the person rather than the gift itself. Say thank you and mean it.

Special guest Munishwarji Walking Tall joins Kimberly in a conversation about how to approach everything, big and small, with reverence. Every thought, word and deed is a prayer.