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Calling Earth Angels . . .


Are you feeling the call of your soul to greater service?

Do you yearn for a closer relationship with angels so you can receive their guidance and healing?

This means that the angels are calling you to be an Earth Angel on Call.

Join Kimberly Marooney in this FREE Class Series to learn how to Work With Angels to:
Kimberly guiding Cathi in an Angel Reading

  • Receive Guidance and Healing from angels
  • Open to Receive
  • Listen for Your Soul's Purpose
  • Become an Angel On Call
  • Manifesting Circle

Accept this invitation and sign up below to experience the Presence of Divine Beings guiding you deeper within.

Kimberly wants you to have a experience of working with her - and your angels - so she is giving you 2-hour classes including potent meditations, healing sessions, and opportunties to receive personal guidance. Some of the classes even have valuable learning guides.

As Kimberly was preparing this program for you, she asked the angels what they wanted you to know.

Here is their message to you:

We Are Here -
You don't need to make anything up - just listen and receive.
Follow the flow of our consciousness and energy.
Enter into the stream of creativity.
We are here for you, beloved one, offering the guidance and healing you seek.
If you will only become receptive to our invitations,
we will guide you into the pleasures of soul.
Your soul is calling to you through deep yearning for love and truth.
Do you feel it?
Can you recognize this call?
Say Yes - accept the invitation and experience a taste of ecstasy.
Experience rapid movement within as you release, forgive, heal, gain clairity and awareness, and discover

Divine Love.
Eternal Peace.
Sweet Soul Satisfaction.

Say Yes!

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Archangel Raphael, angel of healing from Angel Blessings Cards

Session 1 ~ Working with Your Angels to Receive Guidance and Healing

Your angels want to connect you with the eternal love of your soul!

  • Learn how to connect with your angels

  • Ask questions and receive answers

  • Experience the presence of your angels

  • Recognize angel assistance or responses

  • Be changed by love

  • Receive healing energy from your angels and Kimberly

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"I think I expected an experience with angels to be an external experience, like a touch or a sight of one. But it was more an internal experience - one of complete love in my heart that flowed through my body. Now I know I have felt this experience before and I know I've always had them by my side." -- Kristin Wistar


Archangel Gabriel

Session 2 ~ Angel Guided Soul Purpose Meditation

Archangel Gabriel often announces the major duties of our spiritual destiny at the calling of our souls. But it's seldom like the stories where an angel descends from on high telling us exactly what to do. Hmm, it was like that for me. Well, for most of us it's not.

Join us for this angel guided soul purpose meditation, inviting you to discover more about your deepest inner calling. Gabriel will be with us, bringing to life within your consciousness the remembrance of your purpose or destiny guiding you to live upward.


Angel of Appreciation from Angel Love Cards

Session 3 ~ Angel on Call

Are the angels calling you into service? Learn how you can become an Angel on Call by recognizing how your angels are communicating with you and how you can respond.

Feeling curious, wondering about it, feeling agitated and you don't know why, are all symptoms that Yes! the angels are calling you. We'll also talk about Angel Reader Certification, Angel Counselor Certificaiton and The Angel Ministry Ordination Program and how it may be the next step for many people who feel called.

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Fortunata, angel of prosperity from Angel Blessings Cards

Session 4 ~ Manifesting Circle

Receiving is the key to everything. When you are open and receptive, you are in the flow of creativity, love, and joy. In the embrace of angel love, it's easy to let go of old pain and outdated beliefs, clearing blocks to receiving. Are you experiencing financial hardship? What ever your answer, join us to recognize what might be blocking you from receiving the love, satisfaction and abundance you desire. Learn how to:

  • Gain clarity on what might be blocking you

  • Clear it

  • Open to receive the gifts of spirit and abundance that are trying to flow to you

Once you are clear about what you want to manifest and what has been blocking you, we'll do a powerful Angel Manifesting Circle to open the way to receive miracles.

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Beloved Kimberly!
Since your last "Working w/ your Angels to receive Guidance/healing" seminar, I have had an amazing breakthrough! Thank YOU! My new husband and I bought a new car and I felt shame receiving it. As I allowed myself to feel the feelings and go deeper into the illusion, I had an experience of a beautiful surrender in which I cried out for love in transmuting the shame I have in receiving into an experience of feeling the Presence of God through self-love!
What the beautiful gracefulness of the Angelic Kingdom showed me was the truth of the llusion. Then Friday nite at 2 am I awoke with an intimate visit from thousands of Angels showering me with LOVE and LIGHT having this deep heartfelt conversation. They showed me where I cut myself off from the LOVE and instructed me to allow my heart to let the love pour in. Oh the JOY and BLISSS!!! Beyond words!!!! Thank YOU!
In deep gratitude and adoration for you soul purpose,
Tina Permmann


Rev. Kimberly Marooney, Ph.D.

Rev. Kimberly Marooney, Ph.D.

As an angelologist, author, workshop leader, spiritual counselor and radio host, I've helped hundreds of thousands of people world wide experience the embrace of divine love through the loving touch of angels.

My first book Angel Blessings Cards, tells the story of how the angels came to me in a powerful visitation asking me to create a "bridge to spirit." At the time I was near death with a serious illness. The angels guided me step-by-step on a spiritual odyssey of healing and awakening that provided the information for this book and card set. Fifteen years later, Angel Blessings is now a classic and dear to the hearts of many. My other books, Angel Love Cards, Your Guardian Angel, and The Be-Attitudes Embrace of Grace, and My Angel Connection are also potent works, guiding you to a deeper relationship with yourself and your angels.

I'm most proud of Our new program begins June 7th with the Angel Reader Certification. This is the pre-requisite for the next step, Angel Counselor Certification, starting September 6, 2012. These two certifications make you elegiable for the Angel Ministry training starting January 14, 2013.

Do you feel called? If you do, send your application in right way. The early tuition discount ends May 24, 2012.

I look forward to getting to know you as we experience the tender embrace of love from your angels for this rare series of 4 teleseminars. And perhaps, you'll discover why I'm known as "The Elevator to God."

Don't worry, each one will be recorded if you can't be there live.

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