Archangel Michael’s Divine Heritage Activation – LIVE in Port Angeles, WA

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About this event:

Port Angeles, WA 98362
USD 25.00

Archangel Michael from Angel Blessings CardsWe are powerful, wise, abundant, loving and creative.

We are entitled to love, respect and support. This activation helps you know that you are divinely guided and protected. It opens your heart to love and value your Self.

The limitations of our “ordinary equipment” is why we often feel stuck. We can’t get past blocks of how much money we earn, how we present ourselves in the world as we strive to manifest our soul calling, or in healing our bodies and past pain.

The Archangel Activations upgrade our energy centers and soul contract so we CAN connect with our full Being and the Divine to expand into lives of HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE and FULFILLMENT.



Archangel Metatron’s Ascension Chakra Activation
October 13, 2018


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