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About this event:

Port Angeles, Washington
USD 30.00

Think of your Light Body as your full Being. Your Christ Presence is contained within your 7 energy bodies. Each of  your 7 energy bodies contains unique wisdom and resources that you need to fulfill your soul calling and life purpose.

How can you gain access to the wisdom and resources that reside in your Light Body?

One way to access this wisdom is with the assistance of angels. Angels are God’s messengers guiding us Home into more of our full Being, One with our God Self. That is our Light Body.

Here are a few tastes of what we will do:

  • Archangel Gabriel starts by Activating your Soul Star, the gateway or doorway to the closest access point to the higher realms and your Light Body.
  • Next, Gabriel carries you into your Light Body where you are ascended and One with All-That-Is. Here you may feel your Soul Calling and Life Purpose.
  • Breathe in rhythm with Eternal Peace as you experience Being Present.
  • Experience having Everything in your Light Body!
  • Explore your 7 energy bodies
  • Discover your Angel Super Powers.
  • Become the Blessing Angel you already are!

I’m holding this event in my home in Port Angeles, Washington. This is a rare opportunity to work with me personally. Why not make the trip and schedule a private session, too!

For more information and to sign up, call Kimberly at 1.360.565.5171

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