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About this event:


Are you seeking a Professional Community of Conscious Practitioners that provides training to take the next giant leap while offering you the opportunity to add a new income stream with community building possibilities?

Each month, The Angel Guild hosts TWO live streaming video workshops to help you take your Soul-Based Business to the next level.

Learn how to market and create a thriving business everyone is talking about.  This second live monthly class helps you create a solid business base with bricks-and-mortar topics such as effective business models, building your platform, teaching and leadership skills, course creation, and prosperity consciousness.

When a business is created based on your truth, created with trust, created with vibrational integrity… powerful things will materialize.

Click here to join The Angel Guild.

We’ve been waiting for you!

Membership is $66.66 per month and includes the Depth Meditation the first Friday of each month, and the Business Development and Leadership training the third Friday of each month.

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