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Maria Jade Piano joins The Angel Guild and Kimberly for the next in her series of guiding us deeper into our Soul’s Purpose.

Shine Your Light, Professional Mastery is designed for Soul Driven Leaders who would like to Shine the Light in their Business. This workshop utilizes experiential exercises towards how your soul’s purpose aligns with the business principles. We will explore how your intuition and inner spirit guides your strategic business actions. In order to Shine the Light, we will examine the powerful qualities of your natural soul’s essence, and look deeper into beliefs systems currently blocking the soul’s brilliant potential. In addition, based on science and soul, we will explore the neuroscience: biological sources of light in the body. This workshop will feature experiential exercises to boost your Soul in your business.

When a business is created based on your truth, created with trust, created with vibrational integrity… powerful things will materialize.

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