Maria Jade Piano joins us for Gateway Community Illumination Circle

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Do you need help coming back to your inner Light?

Are you craving encouragement to Shine your Inner Light in your life?

Maria Jade Piano joins Kimberly Marooney for this transformational experience of Light.

In this webinar style workshop, you will learn how to Shine Your Light and share your spark in the world, via your own soul’s frequencies and exploring what it means for you to shine your true light. We have custom designed experiential exercises and meditations, for you to experience your exquisite light!

Your belief systems and energy control how you show up in the world. Don’t you want to know how it feels to be safe while you shine brightly, glowing in your magnificence and glory?

There are many reasons why we hide our light. We may be afraid of what people think, we may have been ridiculed. We may have been traumatized in this life or the past for showing up big and empowered.

Join us to release old beliefs that no longer work so you can stand strong in your truth, fearless, fierce and beautiful.

It is our wish that all the issues that hold down your energy dissipate so you can stand in your greatness. We can’t do this alone. As we stand together in strength, we can go within using spiritual alchemy to release fear.

Letting go is a powerful choice. It is not a weak or passive thing to do.

Start this journey with us in Gateway Community Illumination Circle.

This is a conscious community of spiritual seekers and light workers.

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