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About this event:



  • What is your Life’s Work?
  • How are angels supporting and guide you? 
  • What do you need from them to fulfill your Highest Calling?

All great questions we will explore in this Angel Master Class on:

1-11 at 1:11 pm of course!

That’s January 11, at 1:11 pm Pacific Time

We are all being called to stand in the authority, love, presence, power, abundance and glory of who we truly are!

What does that mean for you? For me, that means stepping into the shoes of President of Gateway University. Big shoes! I’ve spent the last few months focused on how I sabotage, and block myself from living in that power, abundance and glory that is my natural state. That is me!

Join me to experience the real YOU! We will call forth our angels to guide us into EVERYTHING needed to Do Our Full Out Life’s Work! It’s time! 

It’s free!

Click this link to get access to the class.

Doing Your Life’s Work with Angels

With love,


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