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About this event:

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Join Kimberly for this LIVE Angel Master Class to Work with Angels to Share Your Message

You will focus on:

Earth Angel Kimberly

Earth Angel Kimberly

  • The burning Message Your Soul is Crying to Share
  • Finding the Angel within you so you can shout your message from the roof tops
  • How to Get LIT UP with Angel Activations!

We will get lifted up on wings of the angels in meditation and Kimberly will take callers for Angel Readings! Best of all, we are using Zoom so you can see Kimberly for the first time! And we will be able to see you, too! If you are one of the lucky few who get an Angel Reading.

You won’t want to miss this powerful experience of connection and guidance!

Wednesday, November 2nd
10:00 am Pacific Time
1:00 pm Eastern Time
5:00 pm  GMT in the UK

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Your angel Message expresses the qualities of your soul, and even beyond that, of your true Self. You message reveals your inner knowing. It beats in your heart, flows through your blood and breathes life with every breath.

Your Soul Message is so simple it is your Credo for living ~ your passion and your purpose. It is so natural that it may be invisible to you, but not to your friends. They see you!

Your message is a beacon shining brightly, calling to your true friends and soul mates.

Join us to discover more about your true SELF and your Message so you can share what lives in your heart and soul.

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