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 Your Destiny with Angels Master Class

Join Kimberly Marooney for this LIVE Angel Master Class to experience

Your Destiny with Angels

Your angels are calling you forth to fulfill your Divine Plan and Destiny!

Regardless of how the world may look, despite how you may perceive the changes that are happening in America and around the world, a great AWAKENING is flourishing.

You are an important part of this awakening. So, what is your Destiny with Angels?

Join us to learn how to:

  • Go through the Open Door with your Divine Plan Angels to your Destiny!
  • Feel the angels behind you 100% so you can be the Change Agent your soul is calling you to be
  • Clear blocks that keep you from your Angel Destiny

Archangel Metatron has prepared a special Hall of Illumination within the Akashi Temples. Metatron’s Cube will Activate facets of your Light Body and Destiny!

Archangel Gabriel Activates your Soul Star so you can receive the Angel Blessings that are poised and remerkabahady for you.

Kimberly will take callers for Angel Readings as we work with angels to clear the blocks to your Destiny! Best of all, we are using Zoom so you can see Kimberly Marooney! And we will be able to see you, too! If you are one of the lucky few who get an Angel Reading.

You won’t want to miss this powerful experience of connection and guidance!

Thursday, November 17th
3:00 pm Pacific Time
6:00 pm Eastern Time
11:00 pm Wednesday GMT

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