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About this event:

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Is your inner voice calling for Heaven on Earth?

Is your soul crying out: “It’s time to show off the best in me for the world!”

Is your heart yearning for happiness and joy?


I know that feeling, too.

That’s why the angels asked me to offer a workshop called “7” Clearing the Path to Your Soul Calling. As I explored the qualities of the number “7” in numerology, I realized that we all need a boost of this energy to push us out of thinking we are stuck and into action.

We are not stuck, it just hasn’t been time. Now it’s time! The angels tell me “The waiting is over!”

We’ve succeeded in our inner healing work. We are elevating our consciousness. We are connecting with Spirit. Heaven is calling us to embody divinity here on earth. This inner voice is guidance direct from the Heavens.

How will you answer your soul calling?

Join me for a 90-minute experience of Heaven on Earth as we call forth a greater infusion and manifestation of our soul calling. Clearing the path is quick and easy when we Activate our Divinity.


  • You’ll learn how the qualities of “7” are already moving you forward, clearing the way, aligning your full being, and elevating your consciousness to Oneness with Divinity.
  • You’ll meet a few of the massive angel team that is guiding us through this activation right now.
  • Plus, I’ll introduce you to some potent tools that instantly connect and shift energy.


The world needs you to Shine Your Light in your own unique way. The people you are destined to love, care for, counsel and heal are waiting for you to show off your best so they can find you. The waiting is over!

Join us – the angels and me – for this potent activation of shear angel magic clearing the path to your soul calling to manifest on earth NOW!

Happiness and joy flow like the waves of the ocean when your heart is open to the flow of divinity. It’s time!

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August 17

7:00 pm



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