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About this event:

Access the tele-connection by phone or internet from everywhere in the world
USD 10.00

The Doorway to Soul Tele-Connection

Tuesday, May 24th
4:00 pm Pacific
5:00 pm Mountain
6:00 pm CentralKimAppreciationCard
7:00 pm Eastern

Learn how to use an angel reading to open the Doorway to the Temple of your Soul. Once there, you can experience communion with your soul, angels, and with God.

The angels want to infuse you with love, joy, resources, healing, abundance, everything you need. Experience this state of connection with your angels as you Ask for and Receive.

Kimberly will guide you through a meditation experience, helping you to recognize your Doorways to Soul and how your angels are calling you to profound healing through personal experiences of divine Love.

You’ll learn how to use the heartbreaks, the fears that hold you back, and the yearning of your soul to expand into Divine Consciousness to heal, gain clarity and focus, received guidance, feel more confident, and open your heart to deeper love.

Step into the Sacred Circle of Love with me.

Reserve your seat now.

Access the tele-connection meditation by phone and internet from everywhere in the world.

And yes, we will record so you can listen at a more convenient time if this one doesn’t work for you!


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