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Archangel ~ Healing Activation Protocol

  • Do you need powerful healing right now?angel-blessing-class
  • Are you a healer who feels called to add Angel Power to your sessions?
  • Do you always get stuck in the same place, limiting your ability to receive and blossom into your Soul Calling?

Learn how to approach every problem and question with the full support of your angels through Archangel ~ Healing Activation sessions.

You’ll learn how to do A~HA! Sessions combining Angel Readings, Sound Essence Archangel Blessings sprays, Archangel Activations and Archangel Resonance Infusions to bring deep and profound experiences of healing.

The Archangel Activations upgrade your energy centers and soul contracts so you can Awaken! You’ll delete blocks that are programmed into your outdated soul contract and energy bodies as they are infused with pure Light, Activating Your Divinity.

A~HA! Sessions reprogram your DNA so you CAN connect with your full BEing and the Divine to expand into the life you are meant to have with health, wealth, love and fulfillment.Angel Healing Workbook

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