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About this event:

Kelowna, B.C. Canada



Learn to do Archangel Healing Activation Sessions!

If this describes you:

  • You need powerful healing right now!
  • You have had spiritual experiences and want more
  • You are an Angel Lover who desires a deeper connection with angels
  • You are a healer who wants to add Angel Power to your sessions
  • You are here to make a difference
  • You believe in abundance and love sharing abundance
  • You always get stuck in the same place, limiting your ability to receive and blossom into your Soul Calling!

This is for you!

The 2-Day Archangel Healing Activation Retreat is what your heart and soul have been searching for.

Here’s your chance to spend a rare TWO DAYS with Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney as she skillfully guides you into deeper experiences with your angels. Kimberly has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to experience direct contact with angels to:

  • Bring healing to body, mind, soul and relationships
  • Receive the guidance you need for life
  • Activate your Soul Calling
  • Explore your inner senses or the 4 C’s of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance
  • Open your heart to experience pure Divine Love that changes EVERYTHING!

You have a team of angels who are always with you. You’ll discover:

  • Who is on your team
  • How they help you in life
  • How to work with them to access their energy, guidance and resources

How Archangel Activations came to be

Kimberly was driving through the mountains one warm, sunny summer day when Archangel Michael manifested in the seat next to her! If you can imagine, this was quite a shock. Angel have appeared to Kimberly in many ways, but never like that!

Very quietly and gently, Kimberly knew that Archangel Michael was asking her to host a series of Activations from the Archangels. Of course Kimberly said YES!

Here is the Invitation from Michael:

“We have come to Activate secret energy centers in your body and Being to allow you to connect more fully with us. Think of these energy centers like radio receivers. We are powering up the energy centers that allow you to receive and transmit our signal. Like tuning a radio into our frequency or station.

“Our frequency cannot be received by ‘ordinary equipment.’ Our frequency is blocked until the individual reaches the level of evolution and spiritual understanding needed to work with us.

“You are ready! That is why you received this invitation.”

The limitations of our ‘ordinary equipment’ are why we often feel stuck.

We can’t get past blocks in how much money we earn, how we present ourselves in the world as we strive to manifest our soul calling, or in healing our bodies and past pain.

These blocks are programmed into our outdated soul contract and ‘ordinary equipment.’

The Archangel Activations upgrade our energy centers and soul contracts so we CAN connect with our full Being and the Divine to expand into the life we are meant to have! With health, wealth, love and fulfillment.

What are Archangel Resonance Infusions?

Everything is energy. Love, joy, thoughts, emotions, music, color, even our bodies resonate or vibrate on unique frequencies.

Archangels want to infuse you with the frequencies of their Divine qualities to reprogram your DNA for Truth.

When you are in alignment with your true Being, you vibrate at a much higher frequency. You feel good. Your body heals. You youth instead of age! Magic happens. Life flows with joy, peace, abundance, synchronicity and fulfillment.

Divine qualities transmit through frequency or resonance. We can connect our bodies to divine frequencies through resonance entrainment.

The real juice is in the direct connection with angels, experiencing their unique resonance in your body, opening pathways to your soul qualities. This is #Activating Your Divinity.

Don’t miss this opportunity to play with sound, vibration, energy, color, Archangel Blessings Sound Essences, and magic for a full-on experience of Participatory Divinity!

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Come Home to an experience of who you truly are, in the embrace of The Divine. It’s your time!

Here’s what you get:

  • Your own set of Sound Essence Archangel Blessings Sprays (value $80.0 US)
  • The A-HA! Archangel Activations Guidebook that leads you step-by-step through how to do Angel Readings, use the Archangel Blessings Sprays, receive the Archangel Activations, and call for the Archangel Resonance Infusions! (value $30.00 US)
  • Two Full Days with Kimberly Marooney experience direct connection with the angels as you learn how to do the A-HA! sessions (value Priceless)

Angel Connections!

We start with deepening your personal connection with angels so you can experience the Divine Qualities of healing, guidance, and resources your angels are offering you.

Archangel Activations!

You will learn how to call forth the Archangel Activations that Michael spoke of. All 7 of them!

  1. Archangel Michael ~ Divine Heritage, Safety and Trust Activation
  2. Archangel Metatron ~ Ascension Chakra Activation
  3. Archangel Jophiel ~ “The Quickening” Activation
  4. Archangel Gabriel ~ Soul Start Activation
  5. Archangel Raphael ~ Healers Heart and Hands Activation
  6. Archangel Uriel ~ Benediction Activation
  7. Archangel Chamuel ~ Worthiness and Adoration Activation

There are two ways to do these Activation Sessions that work together.

The first way is with Sound Essence Archangel Blessings Sprays.

You’ll receive a full set of Evelyn Mulders’ brilliant Sound Essence Archangel Blessings Sprays to help you instantly elevate your vibration or frequency to the Realm of Archangels. Evelyn and Kimberly worked together for two years to create seven potent Sound Essence Archangel Blessings Sprays. Evelyn is a master alchemist and hit gold with these formulas.

You’ll learn why they work and how to use them in life to shift your energy in an instant.

The second way is the Archangel Activations themselves. You’ll learn how to call forth the Archangels and Activate their energy to change your life for the better.

Archangel Resonance Infusions

Once you are open, activated, and connected to your angels and the Archangels, you’ll learn how to call forth Resonance Infusions or direct experiences angel energy. This is the best part!

Put it all Together

Kimberly received the Archangel Activations came first. Are you one of the precious few who experienced them?

The Archangel Healing Activation Sessions are the next level in this profound work. They give us a way to use the Activations in life.

You’ll learn how to approach any problem or question with the full support of the heavens by doing an Archangel – Healing Activation Session combining:

  • Angel readings,
  • Sound Essence Archangel Blessings Sprays,
  • Archangel Activations and
  • Archangels Resonance Infusions

All in one potent healing experience.

The A-HA! Archangel Healing Activation Guidebook leads you through your Healing Sessions with step-by-step instructions. Your book includes information on the Archangels and their Activations, and key questions to help you focus on what you need help with.

The Session Charts guide you through each session, with journaling space to record your experiences. You’ll be able to look back to see how far you’ve come clearing, healing, opening your inner senses, and receiving Divine Grace and energy.

What is you just need a quick lift? You’ll learn a 3-minute Archangel Boost to elevate your energy, bringing you into alignment and connection so you can make better decisions and increase your energy on the spot.

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Join us for the best 2 days of your life to:

  • Experience direct, personal interactions with your angels
  • Learn step-by-step how to do Archangel Healing Activation Sessions
  • Heal the cause of illness as you shift old beliefs
  • Go beyond where you get stuck
  • Transcend past pain by elevating your consciousness
  • Develop and explore your inner senses linking you with Divinity
  • Discover deeper purpose and meaning for your life
  • Feel a profound connection with like-minded friends

Experience the joy of living life and connecting with others from an open heart filled with Divine Love.

Here’s what the Archangels want you to know:

We are here.
We are calling you Home to Eternal Love and Peace.

We are here to heal your body, help you transcend past pain, 
and elevate your consciousness into Divinity.

You are ready!
Let us Activate your Light Body, awakening your healing gifts and inner senses.
Come with us on a sacred journey into the True Realm of Existence.

Can you sense us holding you now in comfort?
Our energy heals everything, clears the path and opens the way.
It is time for you to Shine Brightly as the Child of Light that you are!
You are needed in the world.
Everything you need is here now.
Say Yes!
Come Home Now.

Limited Spots Available
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