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About this event:

Paradigm Shift 111A East Napa Street Sonoma, CA
USD $44.00

Who knew that dancing with angels could
re-inform your DNA at a cellular level for Divinity!

angelbeautyEnergy is everything.

Angels can resonate through the energy of gemstones, color, sound, even our emotions and energy bodies to attune us to higher consciousness.

Archangels want to infuse you with their resonant qualities of Divine Love to transplant your full God Being into your DNA. That is participatory Divinity.

  • To experience deeper peace within
  • Activating Divinity opens your heart to eternal love, blessing relationships and inspiring life
  • Greater alignment with your Soul Calling helps you to make better life choices
  • Angel energy in your body opens pathways to your soul qualities, making them available for use in life

Join us to learn how to bring your body and life into resonance with the divine qualities of angel by:

  • Playing with color, sound, and essenceKimberly guiding an angel journey
  • Wearing gem stones
  • Using Angel Cards

Bring your pendulum! We’ll experiment with powerful tools that bring you into resonance with higher frequency energy of Archangels and your Divine Self.

Don’t miss this opportunity to play with sound, vibration, energy, gemstones, color and magic in a full-on experience of participatory divinity!

$40 in advance / $44 at the door

$215 for workshop plus your private Archangel Infusion on Saturday!

Call Amelia to reserve your seat at: 707-799-9605 or email:

Make it Personal!

Book your private Archangel Infusion Session with Kimberly
Saturday, November 21st

Receive your angel’s infusion of Divine Qualities, opening your heart to the guidance, healing, and resources needed to fulfill your Soul Calling!Kimberly Marooney

$175 for a 50-minute session ($222 if you didn’t attend the workshop)

Call Amelia to reserve your seat at: 707-799-9605 or email:

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