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Angels of Light Healing and Intuitive Center 320 Washington Street Norwell, Massachusetts
USD 144.00


expect miraclesDivine Miracles Retreat 2015
Embracing Abundance

With Rev. Kimberly Marooney, Ph.D.
Rev. Cathi Burke
Cristina Burke/ Master Healer

Join us as we show you how to embrace and allow abundance to flow into all areas of your life

Give yourself this time to connect with your deepest and most profound heart’s desire as you manifest your bright and brilliant life through the power of Universal Nourishment and Abundance.

Doors open at 9:30 with a delicious breakfast of berries and muffins.

Rev. Cathi Burke starts us off with Embracing Abundance. An experience of pure creating and transformation pomiracles1wered by the love of your angels and all of the Divine.

Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney activates and empowers your access to Universal Abundance and Nourishment for your soul with angel attunements and an empowering process.

A healthy catered lunch provides time to nourish your body while connecting with others and browsing with the metaphysical vendors.

In the afternoon, we surround a special crystal grid with  to receive the energies of miracles and abundance as your soul will begin to see it’s beauty and light as you open the Pathways for Empowered Grace to flow to you and through you with ease. Rev. Cathi will play the 8 Angel Ray Crystal Bowls to bathe you in Miraculous Healing Light and soul. This guided journey and ceremony attunes you to the energy of abundance.

You will receive gifts of a special energized crystal and special jewel from the Grid as the gateways to your inner light are activated from within your heart and soul.angelbeauty

Kimberly, Cathi and Cristina will offer personal angel messages, insight and hands on healing for all present.

Cost for the Retreat is $144.00
This includes the full day of activities, breakfast and lunch
Sound Healing/Divine Guidance Circle
Miracle Grid/ Special Divine Ceremony and Gifts

Deposit $50 to hold your seat required

Contact Cathi at 1-781-871-1740

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It’s a small space so reserve your seat now!

This is our fifth year offering this Miracles Retreat. Each year is different and more amazing. As I look back from one year to the next, I can see how powerful these experiences have been for opening us all up to the next level of connection with Spirit and miracles.

Here’s what people said about previous Miracles Retreats:godslove

All the way home last night, I kept thanking the angels and the Divine for the wonderful blessings shared by us all at the Miracles Retreat. Wow! What a great day! And such a pleasure to meet and talk with Kimberly. It makes me love her cards even more, and as it is, I them each day. I felt great healing energy when she placed her hands on me. And Cristina’s reading for me was so perfect. I also loved your holy blessing with the sacred oil, my new angel wing, and the Devic Seal. Tremendously powerful ceremony. And it all felt so light and bright and beautiful and so full of Miracles. Oh yes, and the food was delicious and great yummy deserts. You did it all and it was perfect and we are all blessed by your dedication to the Angels. What a great way to live. I love you so much, Denise”

I have never been to such an incredible loving, healing and Miraculous weekend. I want to thank Rev. Cathi and Kimberly for their love, devotion, and healing grace. Together you brought Miracles into my life. In gratitude, Lynn”

“Cristina, your Miracles Grid was so healing for me. I could feel the energies flowing throughout my entire body. It was beautiful. Thank you for being you. Love Beth”

I never felt so loved as I did over the Miracles Retreat weekend. You all gave your heart and soul and now I know what true spiritual teachers are all about. Ellie”

My relationship with my mom was healed after 60 years of pain. I don’t know what else to say but thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love Eva”

“Cathi and Kimberly, you are a divine team of light workers here to heal the world. Thank you for everything. Love you, Debbie”

“Cristina, your Miracle Grid was so special, I could feel the energies from the crystals flowing through me, and felt that I was being cleansed and healed. Thank you for your beautiful light. Leslie”

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