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About this event:

Universal Life Office Columbus, Ohio
USD $52

Archangel Metatron from Angel Blessings

Metatron is one of the few angels who walked the earth as a human. In his life as Enoch, he introduced the first teachings on how to commune with angels, making him the first angelologist! It is said that God took him up in ascension and he didn’t die.

This makes Metatron uniquely qualified to bless us with this Ascension Chakra Activation.

Metatron will upgrade our earthly and divine equipment so that we can more easily attune to Spirit. The Ascension Chakra helps us to shift our focus from fearful and judgmental thoughts of the lower mind to the expansive and glorious thoughts of the higher, divine consciousness.

When your Ascension Chakra opens, your ability to align your full Being with Divine Will is enhanced. Body, emotions, mind, intuition, and soul align to serve your true Being in Love, Joy and Delight. A glorious experience of Union awaits!

The deeper purpose of this Ascension Chakra Activation is to help you perceive the Presence of Divine Love, expanding your ability to respond to your soul calling.

We’ll combine experience with information as we:

  • Learn how to use Angelology to deepen your relationship with Metatron through his sacred geometry, art, music and text
  • During the Activation, we’ll experiment with how you perceive Spirit so you can recognize and more fully develop your inner senses and skills
  • We’ll explore ways to receive direct guidance from Archangel Metatron

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