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Pure Power Events Kelowna, BC Canada
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Love is all that matters. Truly.
You are a radiant Child of Light, an Earth Angel.
Imagine living in a constant state of pure love and joy?

What could your life be like if every breath filled you with delight?What if your heart was a pulsing center of love, sending vibrations of pleasure, harmony, and peace purring through your body?

You are loved beyond imagining. This series of Activations from Archangels Uriel and Chamuel returns you to the flow of love that you are. You are Love and you are Loving.

Archangel Uriel responds to our cries for help. And Uriel guides all who are called to provide spiritual care for others. Are you feeling guided to tend to the soul needs of others? Or are you calling for a miracle?

In the morning session, Uriel is giving three activations.

The first activates a facet of the Throat Chakra that empowers you to speak truth. Next Uriel activates points in your hands that open the flow of benediction. Trust your inner guidance to place your hands of light on others to fill them with the benediction of the Holy Spirit. Then Uriel activates points in your feet to walk in the ways of the Lord. You are grounded, present, devoted, loving, compassionate, and real in this flow of empowering energy.

With Uriel by your side, may you walk in peace, blessing all you meet, following the ways of the Divine. It will take lifetimes to explore, experience and realize what you are being given. This is a powerful benediction from the All Mighty as a gift of loving gratitude to you.

Chamuel means “he who seeks God.” Are you a seeker of the Divine? Then Chamuel is guiding you. Chamuel teaches us to adore God by experiencing how much we are adored. This quality of divine love changes everything.

In the afternoon session, Chamuel activates our hearts to discover that we are worthy of Divine love. This activation releases old beliefs that you are not worthy, that you should suffer, that you were abandoned, so you can experience that you are a precious Child of Light.

The second activation to the hara center opens the flow of pure love and joy. Worthiness and Adoration marry at the altar of the Divine so you can experience the embrace of love and the pleasures of Spirit.

Chamuel said, “This Activation is like the dawn breaking after a dark, cold night. You have come into this body to assist with the dawning of this Golden Age of Enlightenment for Humanity. This is a tremendous honor. You were chosen for your unique gifts and qualities. You are cherished, loved and treasured.”

It’s about time that you experience this truth! Step into the Sacred Circle to wake up from the dream of separation into the truth of Oneness in the embrace of Love. Live each day guided by your heart, choosing love, cherishing your connection with people, Spirit, Love!

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Watch here for more information on location and how to register. Details will shift a bit when the location is announced.

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