Journey Night with Cathi and Kimberly

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About this event:

Angels of Light 320 Washington Street Norwell, MA 02061
USD $20

Kimberly guiding an angel journey

Wow, does Rev. Cathi Burke love leading journeys! If you’ve ever attended on at Angels of Light in Norwell, Massachusetts, you’ll know that Cathi has a bazillion recliner chairs and blankets so you can lay back in comfort on her extraordinary journeys into Spirit.

This time, Kimberly gets to join in the guiding the experience with angels as we are infused with more empowerment as our inner light expands. Miracles can’t help but follow in this wake!

We’ll work with the angels and divine universal energies to open you to the abundance of the universe. The Crystal Bowl Sound Bath, the channeled messages and combine to create an extraordinary experience.

Reserve your recliner chair now! Call Cathi at 1-781-871-1740

Monday, September 15, 2014

7:00 – 9:00 pm
Angels of Light
Norwell, MA

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