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About this event:

Questers Fall Conference Kelowna, BC Canada
USD $200 CAD


Kimberly is delighted to be the opening keynote speaker for the Questers Conference in Kelowna.

Kimberly MarooneyKimberly will tell you her secret Friday event at 7:30 pm:

Angels are around you all the time, looking for opportunities to guide you with love, healing and everything you need!

 If you could ask a question that had the potential to change your life, what would your question be?


During this session, you’ll learn:

  • Kimberly’s simple formula for asking and receiving responses
  • How to recognize the presence of your Angels using resonance and Angel Blessings Cards
  • Kimberly’s 7 Basic Steps for Brilliant Angel Readings

Even better, we’ll take it beyond the mind to experience the presence of your angel to receive the gifts that are waiting for you.

Along the way, we’ll Activate your Devic Seal to make it easier for you to interact with angels.

Other speakers at the conference include Adam McCleod the Dreamhealer, Naomi Cowie, Sean Rodgers, Shelley Darling, Ken Cadigan, and Jamie Janover.

Click here for more information and to register:

Kimberly is also offering a special post-conference workshop Archangel Activations: Empower Your Soul Calling on September 29

You don’t need to belong to Questers to attend the conference.


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