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About this event:

Questers Fall Conference 4 Points Sheratan Kelowna, BC Canada


Kimberly and SusanAnn

Once upon a time in a dimension far, far away, dwelled the Children of Light. They were radiant, magical beings, emanating love, expressing creativity, living in joy.

Guess what? That is YOU!

Your True Being or “Shining One” is calling you Home. Calling you to Oneness. The Archangels have come forth to assist by activating secret centers in your body and Being that allow you to receive the radiant flow of love from your Shining One.

These Activations from Archangels Michael and Gabriel are specifically designed to lay a foundation of Safety and Trust that will allow your heart to open to receive the knowing and resources needed to manifest more of your Soul Calling.

Michael activates your Soular Plexus to unite you with your Divine Heritage of wisdom, abundance, safety, trust, and love.

Gabriel activates the Soul Star opening a channel of pure, transcendental light to flow from the heavens in through your crown chakra, illuminating your path and inspiring creativity.

These activations are divine intervention in answer to your prayers to:

  • Awaken to the truth of who you are
  • Access divine energy and knowledge
  • Be embraced by eternal truth
  • Further open your inner senses to perceive Spirit
  • Receive guidance on your next steps for your Soul Calling
  • Open your heart to experience more love than you can imagine

Step into the Sacred Circle with the Archangels expanding your heart and soul as you connect with your Shining Ones.

You don’t need to be a member of Questers or have come to the conference to attend!

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