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About this event:

Call for a Reading 1.831.899.5792


Mondays 3:00 pm Pacific Time on Radio Monterey.
Call in! 1-831-899-5792 We want to hear from you!

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Angels want to help you to experience the eternal love your soul is longing for. Angels patiently wait for you to ask for their help. How do you attract angels?

Guardian-AngelRev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney is here to guide you into direct experiences with your angels. Our Guardian Angels starts us off with a special message and blessing meditation of empowerment.

Then we’ll take a caller for an Angel Reading and experience with our Guardians and other angels.

We’re giving away a copy of Angel Blessings Cards to one lucky caller. Listen live to learn how to win. Plus we’ll have a free download gift for everyone.

Our Guardian Angels want you to know:

We are here!
You have not been abandoned.
We love you.
We are here.
Sometimes the road of life feels hard and lonely.
Yet, we are here with you.
We hold you.
We love you.
We guide you.
We nourish you in ways that would surprise and delight if you could only notice.
So many little miracles and messages are missed each and every day simply because you forgot to notice!
It could make a great comedy if there were not so much pain.

You can change right now.
You can change this very moment.
Take a second or two all through your day to look for our presence and our messages.
They are all over!

Pennies on the walk in front of your door.
Angel wing clouds in the sky.
A tender, gentle breeze that caresses your check.
A kind word from someone.
A happy memory.
An inspired thought on Facebook.
A prayer that pours out of your soul.

Let it all come in!
Notice and rejoice.

Try an experiment.
Be alert for the smallest messages all day long.
Make note of them.
Take a picture -write a a note – tell a friend.
Keep a record all day long.
At the end of the day, review this list of miracles with wonder and gratitude.
Enjoy a 5 minute love meditation so we can embrace you in Divine Love.

Yes – we are here BIG TIME!
Receive our loving messages and rejoice.


Join us to meditate with the angels to this beautiful message.

Take this challenge with me. Each day for the next week, take a picture or make some kind of note about every single miracle and angel sign during the day. You could post them on my Facebook page for Angel Blessings. I’d really like that. I’ll be posting, too!

With much love,



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