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Monday, August 25
3:00 pm Pacific
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Receive Higher Answers when you have a Lack of Inner Peace

Barbara RoseSo many people told me they were frustrated with not being able to hear answers from the angels and God that I invited Barbara Sherry Rose to tell us how she writes letters to God and gets instant responses.

You can write about anything when you need answers, or a higher perspective on a situation. Then receive answers within minutes to transform your life. This is how Barbara has transformed her life. Mine, too.

Several years ago, I had been sick for about a year, couldn’t work, was in financial ruin and depressed. I couldn’t feel my connection with God and the angels. I talked with Barbara on the phone, well, complained is really what I did. Barbara changed my life that instant. She told me how to write to God then listen for answers. As soon as we hung up, I grabbed a piece of paper and pen, and poured my heart out in prayer asking for help. Instantly, an answer poured through my heart and arm onto the page in words.

Miracles started happening. I got well almost instantly. It was a miracle healing. Each time I asked a question and did what I was told, more miracles happened.

Barbara is the author of 28 books! Included are her Amazon Bestsellers:

  • Stop Being the String Along
  • Individual Power
  • If God Hear Me, I Want Answers!
  • Know Yourself

Barbara is a world renowned Higher Consciousness Awakening Specialist. Her ability to take the most difficult personal topics and bring through solutions for herself and others has made her one of today’s most loved and respected spiritual teachers. She is the founder of Global Higher Consciousness Awakening Institute. She shares how to achieve the highest level of conscious awakening in a non-denominational process of receiving answers from God.

Barbara invites you to watch her videos on BornToInspire. Here are a few she recommends:

  • When Someone’s Words Hurt Your Feelings – The Higher Perspective
  • Higher Consciousness Awakening for Profound Spiritual Growth
  • Receiving Answers from God: How it All Happened

Join us to learn this simple and profound process for receiving higher answers when you lack inner peace.


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