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About this event:

Call in! 1-831-899-5792 for a reading


Mondays 3:00 pm Pacific Time on Radio Monterey.
Call in! 1-831-899-5792 We want to hear from you!

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Angels want to help you to experience the eternal love your soul is longing for. Angels patiently wait for you to ask for their help. How do you attract angels?

Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney is here to guide you into direct experiences with your angels. Archangel Michael starts us off with a special message and blessing meditation of empowerment.Archangel Michael from Angel Blessings Cards

Then we’ll take a caller for an Angel Reading and experience with Michael and other angels.

We’re giving away a copy of Angel Blessings Cards to one lucky caller. Listen live to learn how to win. Plus we’ll have a free download gift for everyone.

Archangel Michael and his angels want you to know:

We are here.
We call you in our hearts.
We call you to your soul.
The gateways have opened for a most amazing new way of living!
Experience full alignment of your Being with unconditional love and eternal truth.

Trust that you are guided and protected.
Open to receive the flow of Spirit with everything you need to feel at peace, fulfilled, and deeply connected with All That Is.

Yes – we are truly here.
We surround you with love and resources.
We coax you to take one step after another into your Self.
We love you with an intensity that is hard to imagine.
We treasure you.

Come – take our hands.
Step into this new world of joy, peace and love.
It is more Present and more Real than you can imagine.
That is the path – through imagining into truth.
Your imagination is the mirror of divine truth!

Where did you think it came from?
Imagination is the door to Soul and beyond.

Take our hands and leap!
This leap of faith is into Heaven.
Heaven on Earth.

Yes – we ARE here.
You haven’t made it up.
You imagine it! 

Imagine more!

Beauty, glory, abundance, truth, wisdom – are all here.
Say YES!
Release the doubt and fear.
Say yes.

Join us to meditate with the angels to this beautiful message.

Check back for info on the pod cast afterward.

With much love,



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