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1500 Graham Hill Road, Suite D Santa Cruz, CA 95060
USD 25.00


“7” Soul Connection Workshop10-worthiness

Do you like purple and magenta?

Those are the power colors for 2014 and this “7” year of Awakening. “7” is a very important number and energy for 2014.

Join us for this live workshop at Angel Blessings in Santa Cruz, California on March 16.

It’s all about Awakening to Self-Truth through Soul Connection. Join us to experience the liberation of our hearts and minds through alignment with soul and Spirit.

As our crown chakras open, we receive an infusion of Spirit making it possible to awaken to truth.

Anything hidden will be revealed. We will ponder the question, “What am I hiding from myself?” and look back at the start of 2014 to see how this question is already playing out in life to attract your attention.

We’ll learn tools to shine the light, illuminating darkness when it is revealed.

Best of all, we will take our power as we claim what we truly want in limitless abundance. It’s also the Full Moon! We’ll plant seeds for what we want the rest of our lifetimes in the blessing of the full moon.

Learn what it means, and how to recognize and use the windows of opportunities coming your way.

Experience our experts:

* Angel expert Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney as she tunes you in to the angels you want to know. She also guide you through an experience of connecting heart and mind with soul and spirit.

* Tarot expert Solarzar as he informs you about the archetypes bringing opportunities.

* Numerologist Kyralani shares with us the qualities of energy, also the colors, and semi-precious stones that help us align with the energy of “7”.

* Master flower and oil essence alchemist Maggie Smith has created a special “7” spray and tincture with flowers specifically designed to help bring you into resonance with these energies.

Join us on this 777 day to experience the energies first had as we learn about them. 2014 is a 7 year, March is a 7 month, and March 16 is a 7 day.

Plus we will receive the full moon blessing at 7:30!

Space is very limited.
Angel Blessings Center only holds a dozen people so register immediately to save your seat!

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