Kimberly’s Birthday Special on the 7 Archangel Activations

Events > 2013 > November > Kimberly's Birthday Special on the 7 Archangel Activations

About this event:

Kimberly turns 58 on Sunday, November 10th.

As her birthday gift to you, Kimberly is making available the Complete 7 Archangel Activation Series for only $58!

You save $112.

Here’s what the archangels said about these activations:

These Activations are far greater gifts than you yet realize.
They are far more powerful than you can imagine.
They are contributing to the shift in collective consciousness for all humanity.

You, as a participant receiving these Activations, are holding the Presence of this energy here on earth.

You felt called to be a part of these Activations

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