How do Angels Help You?

The Angels want to help you experience the eternal
love your soul is longing for.

Be open and receptive to receive angelic assistance. The Angels patiently wait for you to ask for their help. How do you attract angels to help you? Through recognizing your desire, praying, mediating, searching, contemplating questions, finding awareness, developing relationships and taking actions that are motivated by the desires of your soul.

Angels respond in many ways.

Angels of love

The Angels of Love From Angel Love Cards of Divine Devotion, Faith, and Grace

The primary job of the angels is to help you directly experience God’s personal love. When your heart and mind are open, the angels seek every opportunity to flood your soul with experiences of ecstasy, sweetness, passion, and rejoicing. God wants your whole heart so you can become totally consumed by love.

At your invitation, angels provide experiences that expose areas where you have closed yourself off to feeling love. This exposure comes as an awareness of pain from the past. By increasing your self-awareness, your angel directs your attention to an area where your heart won’t receive love. Take this opportunity to discover old attitudes that are now hardening your heart to love.

Each time you feel old pain, your angel is presenting an opportunity for you to let go and find more openness, healing and love.

The angels want to create a vital and active relationship with you. They want you to have what you need each moment so you can respond to opportunities for greater love.

Angels often use hints to communicate and guide you.

You may receive a hint as a small voice in your mind telling you to do something. As a simple example, you mat think about taking an umbrella, something that makes no sense because the sky is clear. Then, later, it rains. Acting on hints can require a little faith, because hints often come before you know you need them. This feature of showing up in advance makes them easy to overlook.

Try an experiment.

Notice the hints you receive. Keep a little notepad and pencil with you and immediately write down any hints. At the soonest possible moment, do what the hint said and see what happens! Of course, make sure to use common sense.

Synchronicity is another way angels help us.

When you are clear about your desires and open to receiving answers, the people, information, or whatever you need has a way of showing up. You attract more of what you are feeling through the principle of resonance, the energy of desire that you broadcast into the world.

What do you want?

You desires or feelings create an energy that attracts similar energy. While this principle of resonance can be simple and direct, it can also get complicated, because resonance operates whether you are aware of it or not. If you are feeling discouraged and victimized, you will attract experiences that leave you feeling more victimized. If you truly desire love, you will attract love.

Become aware of your feelings.

Become aware of your true feelings and desires so you can choose what you are broadcasting. By focusing your attention on the desires of your soul, you can draw upon the angles to guide you in establishing a more profound connection with the eternal part of yourself that attracts angels, angel experiences, and more importantly the experience of eternal love and fulfillment.

How are the Angels talking to you? What hints do they keep on giving you?

Here’s to Many Angel Blessings,

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*How Angels Help You, is from Angel Love Cards of Divine Devotion, Faith, and Grace.
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