Angel Readings

Get an angel reading, learn how to recognize your angels
or begin to talk more to your angels. Rev. Kimberly
Marooney easily connects you to your angels.

Would your life change if you easily recognized how Angels communicate with you? What question would you ask your Angel if you could hear the answer? What question has the potential to change your life for the better?  What would your question be? How would your life change from an angel reading?

Would you ask about your relationship? Health? Career? Or your spiritual path? Ask the Angels and Kimberly—any question your heart is yearning to truly know. The only catch— your question must come from an open heart with sincerity. Are you ready to talk to your Angels? Kimberly is here to give you a direct experience with your Angels during your personal Angel Reading—don’t take her word for it—have your own experience and know your Angels, feel your Angels.

Angel Readings by Phone

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8 Benefits of an Angel Reading: kimberly-with-clients

  1. Be Inspired
  2. Get clarity as to what’s your next step
  3. Feel Connected to your Soul, God and Angels—know you’re not alone
  4. Become aware of what’s truly available to you
  5. Feel empowered
  6. Feel a sense of renewal and balance
  7. Heal your heart, mind, body, and soul

It’s been an incredible help just remembering you and your
openness to God’s love. That’s how I want to be.
— Joan Pancharian

Feel uplifted by her heartfelt passion to touch the true love of your soul.

Clarity: Getting to the heart of the matter
Fear has seemed to fade away! I do feel an incredible awareness of a new sense of feeling better, a lighter feeling, a breaking free.
The cocoon has cracked open!
I feel healed in love.
– A. Mochmar

Through perceptive questioning, her ability to ask potent questions will guide you to the heart of the matter so you can gain insight and discover self-realized truths.

Connecting with Soul, Angels, and God
I know that He is not separate from me, that
He is within me and all around me.
– R. Jose

Kimberly Marooney is gifted at creating an opening for God’s love to infuse you with everything needed to heal and move forward on your life’s path.

Options and Possibilities
My life is beginning to turn synchronic on all fronts.
I always seem to be at the right place at the right time and
when I’m stuck on an issue or needing inspiration, beautiful solutions pop up in the most unfamiliar places, a real flow within grace.
I always experience what I need within the moment.
– Stephanie Baker

Experience her creative ingenuity as your personal action plan emerges with powerful and practical steps you need to accomplish your goals.

I was afraid to feel the depths of my love – but once I let go,
it was ecstasy!
– D. Kolar

With the gifts received, you will feel empowered to make choices and take actions that will result in more love, passion, and satisfaction in life.

I was reborn in this gentle, loving space.
– Candace King

Perceptive and intuitive, Kimberly guides you through a powerful meditative experience during your Angel Reading. You will receive a Soul Infusion from your healing angels with the qualities of your soul that you need most.

Our souls contain the love, guidance, and empowerment we must have for a satisfying life of purpose. It’s easy to let go of old stories, pain and behaviors in this loving embrace.

Kimberly then gives you the plan and tools needed to achieve your desires. She calls this the Angels Path to the Soul.

Life transforms when your thoughts, feelings, and actions are aligned with your soul’s purpose.

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