Angel Healing Certification Course

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Welcome to the the Angel Healing Certification Course!

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Image: Kimberly Marooney. “Angel Healing is such a sacred gift and I’m thrilled to share it with you!”

I’m your guide, Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney and I can’t wait to get to know you personally.

The biggest blessing of these two Angel Healing courses is our time together in the embrace of the Angels!

Below you’ll find all the materials you need to participate in the Angel Healing Certification course.

These materials are an integral part of the Angel Healing System—you can’t use the system without them. To make sure you easily receive everything you need I’m giving you a 20% off your Angel Healing Certification Kit.

Can’t wait to see you in class!

Angel Blessings,
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Angel Healing KitAngel Healing Certification Materials Kit

Everything you need for Level 1 and 2:

– A~HA! Archangel ~ Healing Activations Handbook
– Angel Love Cards
– Archangel Blessings kit with seven 15 ml misters

Value $139.95
20% discount
Your special $111.00
* plus $13.45 shipping US/ $67.00 International


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Do you already have some of the materials?
Order just what you need individually below.

Archangel Healing Activations HandbookA~HA! Archangel ~ Healing Activations Handbook

Your complete self-help guide to Archangel ~ Healing Activation Sessions

*We will use this Handbook for both Levels 1 and 2

The Workbook has 7 Archangel Healing Activations, charts of each angel’s attributes and healing gifts, journal prompts and in depth information about how to use the Angel Love cards and Angel Misters to activate your healing sessions.

Value $25
* plus s&h $5 in USA



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Angel Healing MistersSound Essence Archangel Blessing set of seven 15 ml misters

*We’ll use the Archangel Blessing Sprays for Level 2

7 subtle energy remedies created by blending a specific meridian tones and chakra tones devoted to each Archangel. Each mister initiates the activation of archangel energy. They’re used to enhance your ability to receive Angelic Healing. They work by attuning you to spiritual vibration of each of the angels so you receive deeper awareness and spiritual guidance.

Sound Essence Archangel Blessings essences are charged with crystals, gemstones, homeopathy, color, sacred geometry, ancient symbology, and the vibrations of positive words. Each have a heavenly aroma

Value $79.95
* plus s&h $13.45 in USA


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Angel Love Cards by Kimberly MarooneyFall in love! Angel Love book and card divination set shows you how to ask for and receive divine help.

*Angel Love Cards are needed for Level 1 and 2:

The angels are watching for opportunities to guide you into more loving and satisfying relationships with people, with God, and with yourself. The simplest way to develop relationships with angels is to ask for their help. With what do you need help?

Do you want more love? Start each day with a clear focus and open heart to receive gifts of love from the angels. Strengthen your connection with the love angels by feeling their energy in the 40 masterfully illustrated cards. The 160-page guidebook describes each angel and how they help you in daily life. The angel Love is waiting to touch your heart and soul with a love

Value $35.00
* plus s&h $13.45 in USA

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