Angel Blessings Reviews

What people are saying about Angel Blessings

“I read the first page on love and I burst out crying uncontrollably and locked myself
in the bathroom until I realized it was tears of joy and love to be shared”. M.N., Australia


Angel Blessings Cards and Book

“My name is Virginia Drake, and I am now a Transformational Consultant. However this will explain that title, I had a near death experience in 1998 and your cards helped me find me! I literally quite my job, left a bad marriage and started out on a journey that has been truly blessed by the Angels. Your book has been an inspiration to me and my clients since my healing. I just wanted to tell you that I have read thousands of books and find your Angel Blessings cards and book to be the most profound and knowledgeable about the Angels. What you have said I truly experienced when I crossed over. Your cards helped me put things in perspective here on earth, when I came back. I am also a motivational speaker and travel around the United States speaking of my healing and hope. So all I wanted to say to you is thank you for time you spend informing others about the Angels and vibration light they bring all of us. I love working with the Angels of God for they have blessed my life in ways unimaginable.”
Respectfully, Virginia Drake, Kentucky

“I wanted to write and tell you that your Angel Blessings Cards really give me much comfort and inspiration every time I use them. I truly feel as though the angels are with me at all times, especially when I speak to them as they speak to me through the cards. Your words, descriptions, and pictures are beautiful and ring in my heart as the central hidden truth. The work you have done is truly amazing.”
Thank you. Kara Simon, Illinois

“My life has been incredibly enriched and deepened through the guidance and love offered to me by the angels. It is my hope and prayer the under the guidance of the angels I will continue to grow and develop spiritual, and someday perhaps even to reach out and touch people as beautifully as you have.”
God bless you and thank you so much! Sally Donovan, California

“Your Angel Blessings book and cards recently came into my life and already amazing things are happening. Throughout my life I have always felt that I am not alone. I’ve always felt the presence of an angelic hand that is there to hold onto, through thick and thin. Now with the help and inspiration of your beautiful cards and book I am beginning to “remember” too. I have made contact with the angels and they are coming through loud and clear.”
With love, Mara Aivars, Sweden

“I am Ena Mishima who has enjoyed your Angel Blessings for about six years. Especially praying with this product in the morning and at night has been very important for me since I started the reading and healing work. Also it has been helping me so much guiding the proper way spiritually when I got through the darkness in my private life. I actually do not know how I could explain about my feelings for this wonderful divine tool. It means just a lot to me.”
From the heart, Ena Mishima, Japan

“Angel Blessings is the jump start in my day – through the pages of your book I am beginning to un-mold and un-gel to old thought patterns and behaviors. Really, miracles are touching my heart.”
Thank you, Connie Hutson, Oregon

“Greetings from deep in the heart! I will always be profoundly grateful to you for your work with the angels. Not a day passes that I don’t find myself continually renewed by the power of your words and feelings expressed through the cards. I have shared them with so many people here in Texas and have had wonderful results, usually always including a trip to the nearest bookstore!! Yes, I believe that Angel Blessings will reach millions!”
I love you, Mary Rose, Texas

“I want to thank you for your beautiful Angel Blessings cards and your book. They changed my life completely. I see them, speak with them, and sense them. I feel their love for me when they touch me. I am a writer. I like to work for children and I write stories for them. My books try to let them think positive so they can change their life if they wish to do that. These children are our future. An important lesson for us all. There is much to heal. When I start to write for them, I lay my hands on the angel cards. The angels call me by my name. The angels give me inspiration. I know what I must write for the children or do in the situation.”
Thanks, God bless you. With much love, Marjo van Wekhover, Holland

“I fell in love with (the cards) immediately. They are so beautify. But your words are even lovelier than the cards. You paint such beautiful images with your descriptions of each angel and their blessings for us. It’s like reading poetry. I’m writing to thank you for the beautiful gift you’ve shared with all of us. I never cease to find inspiration and comfort from my angel cards.”
V.B., Washington