Angel Blessings®Book Excerpts

I have been using Angel Blessings® Cards as a meditation and focus
for the day. They are powerful. The insights and blessings they
bring to my life are astounding. Thank you for gifting the planet
with healing grace. — Dan Reynolds, author of Be An Angel

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Archangel Michael: The Angel of Protection

angel raphael

Archangel Raphael: The Angel of Healing
Raphael’s first mission is to purify the activities of the outer mind, to uplift your thinking and erase any false beliefs.


Angel Soqed Hozi: The Angel of Partnership
Soqed Hozi is the keeper of divine balances, holding the balance of feeling and truth in our lives through our partners.


Angel Zadkiel: The Angel of Prayer
Zadkiel guards the powers of invocation. The best known and most powerful form of invocation is prayer.

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