Angel Blessings® Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration

“I have been using
 Angel Blessings® Cards as a meditation 
and focus for the day. 
They are powerful. 
The insights and blessings 
they bring to my life are 
astounding. Thank you for 
gifting the planet with 
healing grace.”
—Dan Reynolds, author of 
 Be An Angel

Angel Blessings® is a profound transformative tool. The cards and book elevates your spirit and inspires heartfelt angel connections that last lifetimes!

The book and card set guides you to experience Angels directly, for yourself! Feel more love, healing and connection with angels, God, and life itself.


44 Angel Blessings® Cards

Think of Angel Blessings® as a bridge you can take to spirit. The cards present 44 angels who are real and powerful spiritual beings on a mission to help you discover the deepest parts of your soul.

The guidebook and cards are designed to inspire you to have a personal experience or realization with the angels.

Each angel is visually depicted by a powerful masterpiece painting created by some of the most famous artists in the world. Their angelic masterpieces infuse art, beauty and spirit into the card set. You can feel the sacredness within each image — it is
palpable — making the cards and guidebook the perfect catalyst to your angel encounters!

I was absolutely blown away by both the beauty of the cards and the power of the deck. — New Age Retailer

I have read thousands of books and find Angel Blessings Cards and book to be the most profound and knowledgeable about the Angels.
— Virginia Drake

To see excerpts from Angel Blessings and learn more about the following Angels:

  • Angel Michael, The Angel of Protection
  • Angel Raphael, The Angel of Healing
  • Angel Soqed Hozi, The Angel of Partnership
  • Angel Zadkiel, The Archangel of Prayer

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Angel Michael, Angel of Protection


angel raphael

Archangel Raphael: The Angel of Healing.



Angel Soqed Hozi, Angel of Partnership



Angel Zadkiel, Archangel of Prayer