The Power of Awakening #2 Be at PEACE

We are here! The power of Spirit is here with you now and always. We cannot be separate for we are One. Literally, in every sense, we are one.

Be at PEACE. In the stillness of eternity, there is peace. Peace is difficult for the mind to understand. Beneath the worries, fears, and concerns that are natural during this time of change, there is Eternal Peace.

Peace is Real. Peace is a presence of energy that is always available to you. To access this presence of peace, close your eyes. Turn your focus inward. The gateway to Eternal PEace is through your heart.

Put a hand on your heart. Breathe. Inhale into your heart. Exhale longer than your inhale. When you are afraid, your breath is shallow. Your exhale is shallow. Carbon dioxide accumulates in your lungs and bloodstream, body and brain. This feeds fear in the limbic system, the most ancient survival system in your body. Some freeze in fear. In this frozen state of fear, it is impossible to think clearly or make good decisions for yourself. Some act out with aggression or violence. This ancient system directs them to fight. Whether frozen or aggressive, you are controlled by the survival program.

Breathing into your heart, with a longer exhale, expels carbon dioxide from your used breathe. More oxygen is carried through your blood to your body and brain. The prefrontal cortex is engaged. Intelligence and reason are accessible. Breathe. Deep, gentle breaths with a longer exhale. Relaxing breaths. As you breathe complete breaths – with a complete exhale where you compress your belly to expel the used air from your lungs, you will notice your body relax. Tension releases. Your jaw and neck and face relax. Your shoulders relax. While your belly is working extra to expel the completed breathe, your back can relax. If you were cold, you may feel your feet warming with this deliberate, complete breath.

You may notice that thoughts have quieted. Fear has subsided. Worry and anxiety have lessened. You are relaxing. Continue this complete breath, expelling used air as your belly compresses. You may notice a slight smile on your face as the pleasure of relaxation slips in.

You are tasting Peace. Peace is far more than the absence of distress. Peace is a powerful field of energy. Peace is the frequency of connection. In a state of peace, the connection with Spirit becomes accessible.

In fear, your attention is on you. The emotions of fear control your focus and thoughts. You are at the center. Thoughts imagine the worst that can happen. Then this energy field of fear makes it real. You lash out at someone and make them angry with you. You create the fearful scenario that you just made up! Your energy and actions trigger the very response that you were afraid of.

Breath breaks this cycle. Complete breaths open your consciousness to the prefrontal cortex behind your forehead that allows you to pause. Pause. Relax. Allow fearful energy and thoughts to dissipate. In the presence of peace, reason is accessible. It is possible to observe that you are safe and all is well. There is nothing directly threatening your safety, health and well being this moment. Take the moment. Luxuriate in peace.

What if there is an imminent threat? What if you don’t have what you need? What if you are exposed to potential illness? What if there is a “threat”?

It is even more important to Pause. Breathe. Relax. Transfer your consciousness from fear reactions which will only make the situation worse, to peace. Abide in peace for at least THREE BREATHS.

Then, step back from the situation in your awareness. Assess the situation. As you continue slow, gentle, complete breaths, invite solutions to flow into your thoughts and emotions. The body is designed to be a guide. The feelings of the body – from a calm state – can help to guide you to the best choice for the moment. That may be to distance yourself – to literally step back from the person or situation. Take space. Walk if you can. Breathe.

Allow time for options to present themselves. In the state of Peace, in the Presence of Peace, you connect with Universal Intelligence. Wisdom and resources become available to you that were not accessible from the limbic brain and fear.

Peace elevates the frequency of your physical body and energy body. Elevated frequencies of energy inoculate you from fear and anxiety. It is not possible to worry when you are peaceful. As your frequency increases, other states of consciousness become accessible to you. Love, Joy, Creativity, and Resources become available. New energy flows through your nervous system and body providing everything needed for your next steps of wisdom.

You are in a State of Heightened Awareness. You are connected with Universal Intelligence. This is the Power of Awakening Consciousness.

With love,

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