The Power of Awakening #1 Rest

Be at Peace. Breathe. Relax. Trust.
Allow your body to relax.
Release your jaw and allow your face and neck to relax.
Release tension and holding.
Relax shoulders, back, belly, hips, legs.
Be at Peace.
You are safe.
You are well.
Allow your nervous system to go off of high alert.
Allow your parasympathetic system to take over with peace.

There is nothing to do at this moment.
Nothing to figure out.
No problems to solve or obstacles to overcome at this moment.
Put down the load you carry.
Allow your body’s natural defense and healing abilities to function.

TWICE A DAY – devote 15 minutes to simple rest.

Listen to music that helps you feel at peace and relaxed.
Lie down for this rest.
Fall asleep!
Let yourself sleep as long as possible.
Sleep promotes health.

Say to yourself, “I am Peaceful” to replace other thoughts.
All is well.
You are Loved.
You are loving.
You are lovable.

As you relax, can you feel the love?
Put a hand on your heart and feel the love that is lives in you always.
Think of the ones you love and encourage this love to become a feeling of warmth and expansion.
Let your chest feel full of love.
Imagine connecting to the ones you love through strands of love.
Heart to heart.
Soul to soul.
Radiate the love outward from your heart like a sun to your family, neighbors, and friends.

As you connect with others in your home, on the phone, on walks, through the internet, as you go out into the world, remember the sunlight of love in your heart.
Shine brightly for everyone!
Be the light of health, peace, calm, and kindness.

What if everyone, everywhere, remembered to love for just a few seconds? It could happen!

Be the Light.
Be at Peace.
Be in Love.

With love,

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