Archangel Chamuel’s Blessing of Color & Light

Archangel Chamuel spoke to us this morning with an invitation to adoration and worthiness through color, tone, and light! Here is the message for you:

Beloved One, we are here with you. We love you beyond imagining.

This is how we see you: 

You are a most precious gem in the heavens. Your light body is beautiful. It sparkles and glistens with color and light, like a beautiful diamond refracts the light. The colors are so exquisite that they light up with feeling and joy! They are high spectrum colors that you see in New Age art. 

The colors have tones! As the colors sparkle, they emit the most heavenly tones of love. These tones sing melodies that activate qualities of love, joy, sweetness, truth, strength, and compassion. 

As you connect with soul sisters and soul brothers, the light show and symphony of soul is magnificent! It fills every part of your being. There is no distraction or thought of anything else to interfere with the full experience of such exquisite creativity and joy! 

The high spectrum colors haven’t been available in the human world until recently. This is confirmation that the collective frequency of humanity has elevated to the place where these colors and tones may be seen and heard.

It is accomplished! 

We invite you to bring more beauty into your daily life. Flowers, fragrance, gems, colors, invite the sweetness of life to bless you and your life. 

Be in Joy.

Be in Peace.

We are here, waiting for you to make the choice to be with us on these frequencies. It is your choice. You have the ability to connect with us NOW through the feelings of love in your heart. Through the joy that is available in your soul. Through the peace that passes understanding. 

Breathe in to access peace.  

Breathe. Relax. Trust. Open to Love. 

Your body is opening in new ways. Energy is available now to allow your body to relax and become receptive to higher energies. 

Adoration invites you to release the pain, struggle, and anger that leaves you yet feeling clenched, unsupported, and abandoned by Spirit. 

Breathe. Trust. Love. Love is the Key to the doorway Home. We are here, waiting for you to reach out. Our hands are within reach. Trust and you will sense us. 

Believe and you will be filled with love and peace, even if only for a moment. 

You are a jewel in the heavens. 

You are beauty, grace, love. 

You ARE! 

Get Activated Now! 

Archangel Chamuel has more for you! 

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