Angel Healing Light for COVID 19

As I watch the spread of COVID 19, I feel called to shine the Healing Light of Love. When I say shine the Light, I mean that literally! Our greatest defense is elevating our vibrational frequency to the highest we can carry. We are invited to literally TURN ON THE LIGHT!

High vibrational frequency strengthens our immune system and our resilience in life.

In the book Power Vs. Force, David R. Hawkins calibrated the frequency of our emotions. Fear is at 100, and anger at 150. We must raise our frequency to at least 200 to be at choice. Below that, we are reacting and vulnerable to the impact of negativity and illness. At 200, we cross over to pro-active capacity where we become resilient. Feeling loved, loving and lovable raises us to 500. Joy elevates us to 540.

Do everything you can to elevate your vibrational frequency. That means stabilizing emotions with self-awareness and self-confidence. That means transforming fear to optimism, and anger to peace. Our emotions are energy! We can choose how we want to interpret feelings of intensity. Is it anger? Could it be creative energy flowing in for solutions?

Same with thoughts. When you catch your thoughts running negative loops, stop! You have the power to stop negative thinking and to choose to find hope and joy.

How? Please use this Resource to uplift your energy so you can carry the highest possible frequency:

That’s a start! Enjoy. Let me know what you are doing to elevate your frequency to love, health, joy, and LIGHT!

With love,

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