Clear Family Karma

Rev. Cathi Burke clearing ancestral karma

When you look at the issues in your life that you most want to transform, what are they?

It’s the deepest core issues that you work on over and over and over again, and then they resurface, again!

They are most likely Family Karma from your Ancestral Lineage. It goes back generations!

That’s why when you work on these issues, it can feel heavy and endless. It’s because you are actually healing for your whole ancestral lineage, past and future.

Not all people came into this life with the ability to heal issues. Some people don’t have that program and are stuck with what they got.

You are a healer. You have the ability to heal yourself and others, including your family.

Yes, you can release and heal! Not only for this life, but Past and Future Lives, too!

As you release and heal, your family benefits going back generations and going forward to help your children.

These dense energies clear to help you feel uplifted into clarity.

As you release old family patterns, life becomes happier and more abundant.

With love and blessings….


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