Angels are with You, ALWAYS

Angels are with you, ALWAYS!

This is how angels start most messages I received. At first, I thought it was like saying “hello” on the phone. But NO! They mean it literally. Angels ARE with YOU ALWAYS. You! And me. Angels are with each one of us.

In my Little Book of Angel Healing, I start off sharing the foundational message from Archangel Raphael that inspired the whole book – the invitation to the Healing Clinic.

Raphael said:

Angels are here for you, Always! You are never alone. You are not forgotten or abandoned. You are deeply loved and treasured.

What do you need help with?

The Healing Clinic is OPEN!
Bring your troubles, fears, and dis-ease.
The healing angels are waiting for you.

Breathe and take a moment to feel your body.
What is lacking ease, alignment, joy or comfort?
Are you emotionally challenged with a conflict?
Are you suffering from sadness, grief, depression, or anger?
Do recurring thoughts of self-criticism or blame torture you?
Is there a situation in life that needs your attention?

Whatever it is, let it come up for healing.
Focus on the most important topic and hold it lightly in your heart.
Simply allow it to be present.
There is nothing you need to know or do because you are in the embrace of angels.

Come on this journey with Archangel Raphael and me. Click this link for the full experience.

With much love,

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