Change Your Focus

Archangel Gabriel has a message for you: 

Gabriel is here, holding you in love.

Holding you in peace.
Holding you in purpose.
Holding you in joy.
Holding you in health.
Gabriel is here.
Breathe in the peace of my presence behind you. 
I lift the burden of self-importance from you. 
Self-importance is an odd concept. 
Your first thought is of thinking you are better than others.
That leads to plummeting into feeling less than others.
The ego-self is the focus as it explores its many beliefs and illusions.
When the focus is on the illusory self, that is self-importance.
Change your focus.
Stand tall with me in your true Being!
It can be that simple.
There is work to do in the world. People need you.
We need you to be our hands, heart, and voice.
Don’t entertain the whims of the self another moment.
Second by second, bring the focus back to us – and Truth.
You are a powerful Seraphim, capable of moving mountains.
Abundant, infinite, joyous.
Trust our presence and guidance.
We are here Always.
Simply Ask and it shall be given.
Expect and Receive.

Archangel Gabriel asked me to give you a gift. 
Click this link to access Gabriel’s Soul Star Activation

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