Archangel Metatron’s Ascension Chakra Activation


Are your body, emotions, thoughts, intuition and soul aligned with Divine Will?

Driving through the mountains one glorious summer day, Archangel Michael appeared in the seat next to me. Through telepathic communication, Michael invited me to “host” 7 Archangel Activations. I said YES! The result has been life-changing.

Archangel Metatron’s Ascension Chakra Activation was the second one I received, and quite a surprise. He said that he is here to help leaders come out of hiding to step forward in truth and wisdom.

Metatron’s Activation of the ascension chakra at the back of our heads increases the flow of Divine Loe to help us transform our fearful and judgmental thoughts of the lower mind. Divine Love cultivates the true energy of our souls and supports us to elevate our consciousness to higher awareness.

When the ascension chakra opens, our ability to align with Divine Will is enhanced. Body, emotions, mind, intuition and soul align to support living in joy, love, and delight.

Metatron is a vast and complex being of great power. He serves many functions including head of the archives, also known as the Akashic Records.

Sacred geometry manifests through Metatron’s Cube, and helps us journey beyond time and space into the eternal now. Hebrew wisdom says that he was not always an angel, but was once known as Enoch.

Your innermost thoughts create your outer reality through magnetic attraction. Invite Metatron to elevate your thinking and consciousness, opening you to greater awareness of your soul purpose and life calling.

Metatron said,

Create your your heart through love and the rewards will be great.

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With love,


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