Stop Mourning and Rejoice!

I am so blessed to receive powerful angel messages! One after another! Sometimes it takes me a while to grown into them. The angels gave me this message a year ago. It was important when I received it. It truly resonates with my heart and soul today.

This message moved me so much that I shared it with the Illumination Circle for Mother’s Day!

Here is a taste:

The time is at hand.
The waiting has ended.
The period of Mourning is complete.
Release everything that you have been mourning the loss of.
It is weighing you down like an anchor.
Raise your anchors – all of them – and prepare to sail. 
The winds of the heavens are blowing with Promise, Prosperity, Purpose and Position! 
4 P’s! Imagine that! 

The Promise of the Golden Age dawning is before you.

The Golden Age of Light, Love, Truth, Joy, Wisdom, Compassion, and Care for one another.
You are here in embodiment because you are one of the strong ones.
You are the Seraphim.
You chose to come at this time of critical change.
You chose to be here during this important transition from darkness to light.
You are worthy of so much more than you know! 
If you only knew the Promise that is ahead of you, you would do anything to prepare for it.
You would do anything to let go of the chains and shackles that still bind you – that you cling to!

You have the POWER – yes, another P – to release your chains of bondage and walk away from your prison at any moment.
You have all the keys.
Loss, pain, worry, anxiety – these are your shackles.
They bind you to old stories of limitation that you mourn over and worship.
You guard them like a precious treasure.

This is programing of the 3rd dimension consciousness.
Are you done with it?
Aren’t you ready to let it go?
Don’t you want to burn it on a sacrificial fire of love to be transfigured into divine knowing, guidance and Presence?

You would not see this message if you were not ready to release and take the leap of faith into PROSPERITY!
Did you know it is your beliefs that shield you from the Prosperity you seek?
These very stories and precious beliefs of limitation and suffering that you cling desperately to are a shield to prosperity.
On one hand, you are begging for prosperity.
With all your might, you close your energy field to receive it.
This is your prison.
Prosperity is just out of sight because all you can see are the walls of lack.
These walls are composed of the stories you tell yourself and the beliefs you have constructed.
While the walls may feel like a concrete bunker, they are gossamer fine like a thin muslin that has worn holes from use over time.
You have worn thin the stories that bind you to suffering.
You could blow them away with your breath!
Do that now!
Take a deep breath and exhale sharply, powerfully, blowing down the wall of poverty, the stories of limitation.
Let new stories of Prosperity fill your mind, heart and being.

Image yourself – RIGHT NOW – in this moment, not sometime in the future but NOW – living in Prosperity.
You have more than enough for everything.
More than enough to pay bills – to pay of credit card debt and loans.
What is debt but a promise?
You have already received something that you wanted or needed through the generosity of the Universe – providing it before you could open to the prosperity that is your divine birthright!
Think of it as an advance from the treasure vault of your true wisdom, wealth, abundance, brilliance and prosperity.
The more gratitude you have as each “bill” arrives, the more prosperity will present itself.
Let us rename “bills” to “gratitude reminders.”
As each gratitude reminder arrives, feel deep and profound gratitude in your heart and soul for what this advance of prosperity provided for you. 
Whether it was food, clothing, shelter, travel, education, business expansion, development – that advance has helped to bring you to this moment when the waiting is over.

The Shift is occurring.
The Activation is taking place this moment.

Your true Being – the mighty, Brilliant Being of Light – the Powerful Shining One is flooding you with resources.
Can you feel your energy shifting, changing, transfiguring this moment?
When you receive a gratitude reminder, feel this infusion of empowerment and prosperity.

  1. Close your eyes and breathe it in.
  2. Choose it!
  3. Call it forth from the future into NOW.
  4. Claim it!

4 C’s!
As you write checks or make payments, have gratitude for the abundance in your account, whatever the balance may be!
Deep and profound gratitude for what has come into your account and the source of this prosperity.
This is the Circle of Abundance – you give and receive.
Give to yourself, too!
Share the prosperity with your self.
Set aside cash.
Transfer some into a saving account.
Remember how you have already given to yourself through the blessing of the advance with gratitude.
This is a form of giving to yourself.
The deeper your change of perspective, the faster abundance and prosperity will come to you.
Do you understand what we mean by “stop mourning?”
The time of mourning over old stories of limitations is past.
Embrace infinite Prosperity!
Infinite flow of money, support, wisdom, guidance, resources, health, joy and delight.

You are a Precious Child of Light.
You are an infinite being.
It is time to feel the grace and power, the tenderness and passion, the wisdom and glory of who you truly are. 


Purpose is next! Watch for it.

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