Message from the Archangels on your Gateway of Opportunity


Here is a message from the Archangels to Remind YOU of who you are!
Children of the Most High, radiant beacons of Light, we hold you in love. This is a time of great awakening. You have passed through the Lion’s Gate, the Total Eclipse and so much more! Energy is pouring into your planet and your hearts to elevate your consciousness and vibration. 
When you are in tune with the transmissions, you can surf on the energy into profound healing and restructuring of life. When you are not aware, the giant waves crash down upon you and wash you into chaos.
This is a GATEWAY of OPPORTUNITY. A Gateway to Freedom from old beliefs and patterns. 
What would it feel like to leave behind suffering?
What would it feel like to wash away health challenges?
What if you could open to receive waves of abundance and support?
This is possible with the flow of energy that is upon you.
What does your heart desire?
What is your soul calling you to?
We are here to make it possible. 
You are witnessing the chaos created by those who are disconnected from the Source of Wisdom and Love. While it is unpleasant and can even appear frightening at times, be at peace. Be still, Listen within and trust that you are guided and protected. 
This chaos is part of the cycle of elevating consciousness. Not everyone wants to come! Not everyone is ready to forsake ego control and surrender to divine presence.  As you witness this unfolding, have compassion for the public figures who are struggling to retain power and control. This kind of power and control is an illusion. They can create some mischief. In the bigger picture, they are disrupting the status quo, opening the space of the new energy to pour in.
​​​​​​​You are watching this happen with the health care system in the United States. The power mongers are utterly failing to pillage. Their pitiful actions are seen by more and more people. Good hearted children of Light who have been captured by illusion are coming into the Light. Good hearted people are awakening to a greater truth and care for their fellow humans.
The true role of government is becoming more obvious through the attempted mis-use of power. The good hearted souls are finding their voices and power within the system. Millions of you. Not just the few hundred in Congress. The millions of citizens are realizing your power to love. Power to choose. Power to care for one another for you are all truly one. 
That is where the expression One-Another came from. You are unique, and yet one, a part of the whole. All of YOU. Even the ones you disagree with and disdain. They have a purpose. By stirring up the systems, they are opening the way for true reform that is respectful of all. 
Breathe. Relax. Trust. Open. Receive. Give. 
That is the magic formula. The Seraphim Formula. 
What do you want to Receive?
What is your Big Picture?
What do you care about most?
What do you love?
If you could skip into the most amazing life, what would it look like? Where are you? What are you doing? Who is with you? How does it feel? What do you have? What do you give? Who benefits?
Imagine in detail. 
Then, give! Feel the pleasure and joy of giving from your heart and soul. Feel the abundant flow from Source. Taste the infinite supply that is available. Imagine yourself eternally in this infinite supply. This is the truth of your Being. The limitation you experience now is simply a program. You can leave the hologram that is running this program and enter another. From your higher consciousness, you choose the hologram program you experience in life. Why not choose another? 
Why not give yourself the joy of a better life?
What is a better life for you? More love, better health, greater abundance? The ability to be more productive or helpful? More generous? Do you yearn to feel supported? Better cared for?
Then upscale! Choose this life. The energy that is flowing in to Earth now is bringing the possibility and opportunity of this kind of shift. 
We are with you now. Take our hands and allow us to guide you.
You can simply BE the master that you are.
We Love you.
As I read this message again, I feel the invitation to spend more and more time in that state of connection. How about you?
With love,
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