Archangel Gabriel Message

Archangel Gabriel has an important message for us. Here is part of the message:
Beloved Children of Light, you are far more powerful than you know.
You are far more abundant, creative and imaginative than you have allowed yourselves to be. 
You are magnificent, glorious, radiant Beings of Light who have chosen to take birth at this time to help with the uplifting of human consciousness on an unprecedented scale.
We are here with you always because We are YOU and YOU are WE.
We are One – We are Connected.
You don’t need to summon us or earn our presence. 
We are simply here with you, always.
Turn your attention to us.
Turn your attention within to your inner senses and you will discover that we are here always.
The human game is to believe that you need us to navigate the challenges of life.
While that is true, the greater Truth is that we need you.
You are our voice, our hands of love, our feet walking the Earth, our message of a greater vision for humanity.
We need you! 
That is why we are calling to you now to Come Home within to the love and connection that has always been here, patiently waiting for you to re-discover.
We are calling you to wake up from the sleep of separation and sorrow, and open your eyes to the joy and delight of your origin in the Family of Light!
You are that magnificent Shining One – a Deva! 
You are immensely powerful and tenderly loving.
One second of your full power could light up a huge city for decades. 
And your tender love heals all wounds and restores all imbalances.
You are truly the gift and the blessing.
You are the salvation of humanity. 
Don’t fall for the lies another moment.
Don’t slip into anger and victimhood.
You are the cause and creator of benedictions beyond imagining! 
The wait is over.
We call to you now to Rise UP in Consciousness.
To step on the Angels Path to Doul
To Fly on Angel Wings into the Heart of Divine Love. 
The purpose of the Gateway Community is to Raise our Consciousness together. Just as Gabriel is inviting us to do.
Each month, we connect to learn about an aspect of Higher Consciousness and to learn tools that will help us to more quickly and easily elevate our consciousness when we realize that we are functioning at a lower level.
Membership is only $22.22 per month. Stay as long as you like and leave any time. You’ll love the resources you get access to!
With love,
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