Message from Archangel Metatron



In my meditation this morning, I started out feeling somewhat less than focused and receptive. I was at 25% Receptivity to be exact. As an angel worker, I need to be higher than that!

So I asked for help Receiving! The angels of Miracles, Rejoicing and Fulfillment showed up, along with Archangel Metatron and his Ascension Chakra Activation. 

By the end of this message and the Activation, I was at 100%! You might wonder how I know? I tested! That is part of the A~HA!~ Archangel Healing Activation Protocol. It works! Angel Worker on call again!

Message from Archangel Metatron

Breathe – Relax – Trust – Receive – Love – Give

Again and again. Over and over. Every day. All your days. Through out all eternity.

Breathe. Yes, the universe breathes. Spirit breathes. Not with lungs as you breathe, but with the flow of energy – in and out – condensing and expanding. Life a pulse or a heart beat. The beat, the breathe of life. Spirit expands and contracts to this breathe of life as it creates and loves.

Relax. Yes, the universe relaxes. Just as you make an effort then relax, so does Spirit. The endeavor or action is followed by relaxing to receive. Relaxing is part of receiving. We relax the effort to listen – to witness – to perceive – to feel – to sense – to connect. We open in relaxation and reach out with our inner senses.

Trust. We must Trust what we are receiving to benefit from it. Trust our experience. Trust the Source to provide what is needed and beneficial. The Source can’t block you from receiving. That is not a possibility. It is you who block goodness from entering your field of possibility. The response is there. Resources are there. It is your out dated beliefs that deflect love from flowing into your heart and material life.

Receive! Lavish abundance is real! Loving support is real! The visions in your soul are real! We are Real! Receive! Let go of all thoughts to the contrary. Quit believing in disaster and poverty.

Rejoice! Be elevated, uplifted by the angels who surround you always. Open your heart and eyes to see them! Open your heart to know them. They are here.

We are here Always!

Love naturally fills an open heart. Love is all there truly is. Everything is Love!

Give. As you give you receive. When you give from your soul, golden nuggets go out into the world that find their way back to you expanded, increased. The more you give, the more you receive. The more you receive, the more you give.


I pray that this message was just what you needed to feel today.

With love,


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