Day 2 #MorningAngelManifestation with #KimberlyMarooney22DayAngelWorkerChallenge

Day 2 ~ #MorningAngelManifestation with #KimberlyMarooney22DayAngelWorkerChallenge

As an Angel Worker, the first hour you are awake in the morning sets the tone for what you will manifest during the day. This is the magic. How do you spend the first hour of your day? The next 21 days, how can you use that first hour in the morning connecting with angels to manifest Angel Magic in your day?


I am Divinely Guided and Protected.
I Love and Value Myself.

We did the Archangel Michael’s Divine Heritage, Safety and Trust Activation. I used the Archangel Michael Sound Essence Blessing Spray. You get a 22% Discount in my store by typing 22Days in the Discount Code box when you order your bottle. It comes in two sizes, small and large. You saw the large bottle in this broadcast.


The rest of the Archangel Michael Activation that you heard, along with 6 other Archangel Activations and the full Archangel ~ Healing Activation Protocol are in the workbook you saw.

Get a 22% Discount by typing 22Days in the Discount Code box when you order anything in my store, including private Angel Readings!


Hungry for more Archangel Activations? The Complete 7 Archangel Activation home study course is life changing! You get 14 hours of audio, video, and the workbook I was looking for with Archangel Michael’s pyramid of Safety-Protection-Connection.


With much love, Kimberly Marooney

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