Day 2 #EveningAngelEcstasy with #KimberlyMarooney22DayAngelWorkerChallenge

Day 2 #EveningAngelEcstasy with #KimberlyMarooney22DayAngelWorkerChallenge. Angel of Love

We had Archangel Michael with us all day! What happened for you today? Working with angels makes you an Angel Worker.

The Angel of Love takes us into sleep tonight. So many angels surround us, holding us in love. This evening is about gratitude as you fall asleep. Find in your heart gratitude for the people, things, blessings that have touched you today. Allow the angels to infuse you with love, to illuminate you with love while you sleep.

What do you need help with? Invite angels to illuminate you with love so when you awake in the morning, you are filled with the presence of love.

We are so grateful for how much love is available to us. Be ever more aware of the presence of love. Find gratitude in your heart for the blessings of your life. No matter how life may look, there are blessings to be grateful for. Food to eat, a bed to sleep in, water to drink, comfort from family, love.

Let your gratitude fill your whole being expanding outward, touching your family and friends as you become a radiant presence of love shining in life, sharing the joy and love in your heart.

You are held in the embrace of Love Angels, always. They take you into sleep tonight. Be healed, renewed, and rejoice in that presence.

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