Day 1 #EveningAngelEcstasy with Angel Illumination

Day 1 Evening Angel Ecstasy with the Angel of Illumination in #KimberlyMarooney22DayAngelWorkerChallenge

As an Angel Worker, I’m always amazed when I tune into the angels how many amazing things happen.

What happened today that you are grateful for?

As I was feeling grateful for all the goodness in my life, I picked the Angel of Illumination from Angel Love Cards to illuminate our hearts as we sleep tonight.

“The Angel Illumination shines God’s light of awareness upon you. The light of the supreme spirit is more brilliant than a thousand suns. Infused with unconditional love, it penetrates the shadows of ignorance with the greatest care. When the angel shines this light upon you, the truest part of you is illumined. Your soul receives increased awareness and love from the illumination.”

Here are a few great questions to get you started feeling gratitude in your heart:

  • Tune in to the love that is already in your heart so you can feel it.
  • What are you grateful for today?
  • What miracles happened?
  • What synergistic meetings?
  • What blessings did you experience?
  • What solutions did you discover?
  • What did you co-create?
  • What success did you have?
  • As an Angel Worker, how were you guided?

Let your heart, mind and your whole life be illumined with unconditional love, filling every cell of your being. This love generates such beauty! Can you feel it? Beauty is an energy.

As you go to sleep, ask for what you need help with. What is dearest to your heart? As you sleep, be open to receive the most amazing gifts and treasures. Allow yourself to be illumined as you sleep. Allow yourself to receive the most amazing gifts of spirit. Sleep in the arms of love tonight.

In the morning, reflect on your night:

  • What did you dream about?
  • What thoughts occurred to you about your desire?

Take this blessing of illumination into your day tomorrow!

Click here to watch Day 1 #EveningAngelManifestation

With love,




P.S. Join us tomorrow for Day 2 #MorningAngelManifestation with Archangel Michael’s Activation. You won’t want to miss this!



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